The Reality of Larry Stylinson.


1. Chapter 1

*Louis' P.O.V*

 "Harry! Harry, where are you?" I called out nervously. "Harry?"      

I burst through every door and cautiously scanned every hallway. He was no where to be found. My heart rate began speeding up, and I was desperately trying to catch my breath. God, if I ever found him, I was going to kill him for scaring me like this. But lets face it, I was more worried about finding him first. The backyard, I thought. He has to be around here somewhere. I ran downstairs breathlessly to our back door and slipped outside. Harry was sitting against the tree holding his head in his hands. I let out a quick sigh of relief.   

"Harry!" I shouted and he lifted his head. He gave me a look like his heart had just been ripped to shreds. Which made my own heart ache in my chest. I sprinted off the deck to him and bent down to his level. His emerald green eyes were now red and puffy. And he looked exhausted. I pulled him into a tight hug and we sat there for a good few minutes. All he needed was a little comforting.

I knew what he had been doing. He was looking up hate about himself again. The rumors that weren't true. The things people lied about to put him down. Most likely on Twitter. Poor boy ends up crying every time. I've tried everything to get him to stop; a journal, a therapist, even deleting his twitter once. But he had to go back for our fans. Nothing was working.

"Louis," He lifted his head off my wet shoulder. "I'm sorry."   

"It's alright Harry. I know this is hard for you," I rubbed his back, trying to calm him down as much as I could. "but you have to stop. For you, for the fans, and for me."  

He didn't respond but instead wiped his eyes and took a few deep breaths.   

"C'mon lets get back inside." I pulled him up with me and walked back inside our flat. He sat at the counter while I walked over to the cupboards.   

"What can I get you?" I asked, opening the cupboard doors.   

"Just some soup or something." He responded tiredly.   

I made him some of my special chicken noodle soup and myself, a cup of tea. He laid his head on the table and just sat there for a little bit. I assumed he was tired from the tears. I took a seat next to him, slid the bowl next to his head and sipped my drink. He slowly lifted his head and put the spoon to his lips.   

"Careful it's hot." I warned him. He didn't listen to me and burned his tongue instead.   

"Told you." I smiled arrogantly and he couldn't help but chuckle.  

There was that unforgettable smile of his.  

We ended up talking for a while about lots of different things. Like life, and the boys, and music. But I avoided bringing up what happened earlier. And we were laughing like no tomorrow. I absolutely loved when Harry laughed. Honestly, I never wanted him to stop. His little dimples appeared on the corners of his lips each time a wide grin grew on his face. It may seem a little strange for me to he thinking of him like this, but I guess I was kind of used to it. As we were enjoying ourselves, I tried to hold on to this better side of him. It was so much easier on me when he was happy like this. And I dont even remember the last time we had actually talked this long. I checked the time and noticed we chatted for over an hour.   

"It's almost time for your therapy session." I interrupted.  

His pleasant smile slowly disappeared and his deep green eyes lost their twinkle. He didn't want it to end either. I knew he hated going to therapy but it sort of seemed like it was helping.   

"Louis, don't make me go there. Not today." He pleaded, staying calm. For now.   

"Harry you know it's good for you. You need this. Especially after what happened this morning."   

"It was a mistake!" He snapped. "I didn't mean to!"  

"But you keep doing it Harry! Give it up already!" I stood up, calming myself down and walked to the door. "Now lets go."   

He took a breath and pushed past me outside. I followed him, locking the door and getting in the drivers seat of the car. It was hard being so strict with him sometimes. But I did it for the best, I suppose. Or else, we would be where we started. It was silent the whole drive there, as I expected. Harry stormed out of the car and I knew he was mad by the way he slammed the car door. I had a feeling that this session wasn't going to be a good one. None of them usually were, but maybe today just wasn't a good day for some therapy. I sighed and pulled out of the parking lot. 

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