Lavenders Midsummer Party

Lavender & her friends had such a busy time getting ready for the Midsummer party, So a fairy game seems to be a perfect way to relax. But when disaster strikes, can Lavender and her friends save the day?


1. Petals Party.

 "Phew!" Lavender heaved a huge sigh or relief and flopped down on a mossy hillock. She'd had the busiest and best week ever, getting ready for tomorrows Midsummer Party, and everything was nearly done.

Lavender had the strangest of hobbies. While some Flower fairies liked to help by stirring nutshells of fairy nectar or stringing garlands of honeysuckle and forget-me-not  from branch to branch to twig to twig, she was at her happiest when she was up to her elbows in sparkling soapsuds.

On Monday, Lavender had scurried about the flower fairy garden, reminding everyone about the midsummer party. Then she went back to her own beautiful flower and waited below its fragrant petals.

Soon, their was a long queue of flower fairies lining up to see her, each clutching a dirty , crumpled outfit and wearing an anxious smile.

"is their anything you can do?" asked Elder tentatively, handing over a bundle of frothy lace that looked as if it has been dipped in mud.

"Hm..." Lavender peered closely at the delicate frock. "itl take a hefty sprinkling of fairy magic..." She glanced up at worried looking elder and smiled. "But don't worry, it will be as good as new in no time!" "Oh thank you!" breathed the little fairy, who was as beautiful as her dress.

Next came Sycamore, who was well known for his treetop gymnastics. Lavender wasn't surprised to see his leafy jacket and amber shorts were ripped to shreds. Again sycamore winked cheekily at Lavender, who tutted and dropped his rags on top of Elders dress.

"Next!" She said briskly, wondering where she had put her thistle needle and dandelion thread.

Authors Note:

Hey guys! How do you like the book so far? Should I continue? Please let me know in the comments!



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