forever is about two young teenagers, Allie and Bo who can stand each other since they were in the 2nd grade. they just started their sophmore year at Greengroves High School. alie starts noticing bo getting closer to her, little does she know her love life and life is about to change in a matter of days.


4. Her

Its friday and im wearing my same old clothes as ever a sundress and my white high top converse, i tied my hair up in a high ponytail and added some curl.


today at school i kept a close eye on bo just to make sure he was u know perving again. And whatever i felt yesterday well i can assure you it was over in the past done with. but but b-but that one word just stuck in my mind all day..... forever.

i dont have an idea about why this is but i couldn't stop thinking about Bo and the word forever. 


"Shit is high school really gonna do this to me now," She silently complained

she went on through the day and sat with quinn and chesty at lunch, and let carson drive her home in his new red top down convertible. 

i kissed him goodbye and felt guilty instantly?????? that had never happened all i thought was forever and Bo 

please god get him out of my head

(she's not supposed to like me but im growing;) -Bo)

i couldn't help but thinking about him he was actually pretty handsome if i coaxed him in normal clothes and o man his his green green eyes they just put u in a trance<3..... wait! no no no no Allie stop ughhh this is gonna drive me nuts 



Forever. Forever. Forever.

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