forever is about two young teenagers, Allie and Bo who can stand each other since they were in the 2nd grade. they just started their sophmore year at Greengroves High School. alie starts noticing bo getting closer to her, little does she know her love life and life is about to change in a matter of days.


3. Bo's Turn

Hi im Bo pretty nerdy however i have a thing for popular girls, no luck though


ive known Allie since 2nd grade and boy did she annoy me . but for real its high school get over it. i cant help but stare at her all day shes changed a WHOLE lot since kiddie school if you know what i mean ;) I think shes actually starting  to notice me again after she shut me out for the past 7years, you know i have that effect ;)

Allie, Alie, Allie...... oh man shes perfect i cant get her out of my  head its its shes so perfect i just everything she does her walk her eyes are beautiful peircing blue  silky hair her amazing body just the way she she s-she just excites me. i like so much i never realized how long i had these feelings for her. one thing i dont know is if shell even look at something like me


i would love to take her out change everything , okay well its nerd o'clock here comes Jonathan the bully.... 

okay I'm badly bruised in the gut but i survived i wish she hadn't seen me that way i was so embarassed. geez Bo why why why




thanks so much for reading ill keep writing

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