Marcel was the new kid at Alex's school. On his first day the majority of the school began to pick on him for his apparent love for sweater-vests. Not Her though. She quickly befriended him, lost her friends" and started the terrifying process of falling deeply in love. But what happens when she discovers Marcel may not be who he appears to be?


9. Ribs? For breakfast?

A/N: HIIIIIIII! I updated! I actually wrote this a week ago, but I was on vacation in Canada. NO Wi-Fi!!!!! x__x Any who, I finally have a connection so I can upload! I've decided to have a Question of the Chapter (QOTC) every update soooooooo.... The QOTC is who, in 1D holds a "special" place in your heart!? Me, I'm a Harry girl! Comment what you are!!!! Love y'all! -Amy P.S. If you notice a spelling or grammar error please tell me! (Kindly of course!) **-----------------------------------------** Walking into the kitchen I observed my mother dancing around the kitchen humming to herself. “Are you ok mom?” I asked suspiciously. “I’m good!” She chirped. “Clearly not as good as you!” She winked at me and ran off giggling. I rolled my eyes at her antics. “Morning,” came a groan behind me. “Good morning sir.” I curtsied joining in on the game. “Why are we speaking like the British?” I asked sipping an imaginary cup of tea, with my pinky up, of course. Marcel’s eyes widened and he spoke in his normal voice, “Whoops! I do odd things when sleepy.” I looked down in shame. Frowning, I walked up to him. “What if clowns were aliens dressed up in disguise?” I whisper-yelled into his ear, a look of confusion washed over his face.” I do strange things too!” I cheered. Marcel grinned at me. I walked towards my fridge looking for some sort of breakfast. After putting my meal in the microwave, Marcel looked at my strangely. “You’re eating ribs for breakfast?” He asked incredulously. “Yea,” I shrugged before continuing to stuff my face. After a moment of disbelief, Marcel began feasting with me.
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