guns dont kill people

if there's one thing that kill people its haters. I'm an 18 year old girl named jax, and from a small town. my cousin is niall horan from one direction. Ive been trying to hide from someone for about a month but then they found me am i safe or do i need to run.


1. concert!!!


                                                              *jax's pov*

"I cant wait for the concert." said my best friend Faith.

"me either, I cant wait to see Harry." I say trying not to scream into the phone.

I haven't seen my cousin Harry since we were little.

"Jax come here please!!" my step dad yells from down the hall.

"got to go text you later, bye" I said before hanging up.

i walked down the hall and into my parents room. my mom and dad were sitting there on their couch. "what's up?" I say plopping down on the bed.

"its your brother." my mom said trying to hold back the tears.

"w-what's wrong? what happened? I ask getting up and walking towards them.

"he's in the hospital. he was driving home last night and a drunk driver hit him." my dad says giving me a hug as I cried on his shoulder.

My brother has been one of my best friends and my hero since we were little. whenever something happened i went to him and he always knew what to say

i ran to my room and layed there crying into my pillow.

*buzz buzz* my phone vibrated. i looked at it and saw it was my ex.

"so sad that your brothers in the hospital. if you listened to me and did as i asked he would be home safe and sound. Next time don't run."

i sat there staring at it i called Faith when I saw it was time for the concert. I asked the come pick me up.

*knock knock*

i answered the door as i slipped my favorite high tops on and yelled up the stairs to my parents.

"why did you sound so scared on the phone when you called?"

" ethans in the hospital and keadens the reason hes there." i looked out the window and the stores.

we drove in silence until my phone rang.


"hi did you get my message?"

Why did you hurt him? why not just come for me?"

 " i figured if i hurt the ones you loved the most you would hurt more then me hurting you."

I hung up the phone and stuck it back in my pocket. Tears start stinging my eyes, I blinked them away, but one escapes and runs down my cheek. I try wiping it away before Faith could see it but i wasn't fast enough.

we got to the concert and went to the front row were our seats were. we sat down as the stadium grew louder. 45 minutes later 5 boys walked onto the stage.

"how is everybody?" Louis asked as everybody screamed.

"Do you guys know this song? if so sing along." liam said as the music started.

They sang all the songs on there new album. But as the started playing Best Song Ever everyone screamed loud. at the end of the song they said good night and walked off to get ready for the meet and greet.

me and Faith walked back stage and waited for about 5 minutes and then walked in.








sorry its bad... :( this is my first one so its terrible but I hope you guys like it.



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