It could be us

Brendon loves her. She didn't realize until Liam appeared.
It's a blood bath to win the fight of love.
Brendon loved her first, to Liam time shouldn't matter.


5. Chapter 3

Oh my gosh, a heard me. I felt like I could crawl in a ball in a pit in a desert. I hope she won't judge me. "Ye-yeah." I stuttered. Ruth smiled. "That's adorable. Who's your favorite?" She asked me. I wanted to say all of them, but that would be typical. I sort of do like Zayn a lot. Then again I am a Liam girl. As well as a Niall girl. I am a Louis girl as well I love Harry but he gets the most attention in 1D so I want to give my love to the other members. "I like Zayn the most. Only because he remains me of my best friend Brendon!" I say and Brandon laughed a little .
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