It could be us

Brendon loves her. She didn't realize until Liam appeared.
It's a blood bath to win the fight of love.
Brendon loved her first, to Liam time shouldn't matter.


3. Chapter 2

The door opened and in came a very young blond. She didn't seem to mind how loud the class was because let's face it... A class full of Seniors who have a new teacher. Who isn't going to take advantage of that and do whatever the hell they please. "She looks pretty." Joli utters to me. Nothing compared to you Joli. "I've seen way prettier." I say making the 'way' stand out more. No one in this whole world and any other can compare to Joli. Her beauty could kill and create things. It's the type of sight that just takes your breath away the moment your eyes lay upon her. So basically I have breathing problems when we're together. "She looks so familiar." "She probably substituted for a class." I tell her. She gave me a shrug. "No I would have remembered her." "Ask then." I suggest to her. I turn in my seat so I'm facing the front of the classroom. The new teacher was organizing things on her desk. She didn't seem to mind the noise in the room. Probably because she looks like she just came out of college or even high school. She was nice looking. Though not like my soon to be Joli. After what seemed like forever the teacher finally decided to leave from behind her desk and speak up. "Hello class. My name is Ms. Payne. I do accept student to call me by my first name. Ruth." Joli's P.O.V. "Hello class. My name is Ms. Payne. I do accept students to call me by my first name. Ruth." Ruth.... Payne.... As in Liam Paynes sister. My biology teacher is Liam Paynes sister. Holy shit. Calm down Joli. No, you can't just calm down when Ruth Payne is your Biology teacher. Oh god. Don't embarrass yourself. "Brendon. Do you know who that is?" I whispered to Brendon while Ms. Payne finished her speech. "She just said her name was Ruth." Well no shit Brendon. I obviously got that. "That is Liam Paynes sister." I say a little to loudly. "I see we have a One Direction fan."
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