Loving Melody

Christopher Montgomery, a rich, hard-working teacher, has no time at all for his personal life after his last break up.

In an unexpected way, he meets Melody. A beautiful woman, with an angelic smile, who owns a bakery/cafe shop, who was also deaf.

Getting to know her, his cold attitude warms up, while his once unfazed heart starts feeling again as he finds himself loving Melody, despite their differences.

But their differences remain, as their relathionship goes through a lot of stages. Romance, anger, complete bliss, and finally-Drama.


5. *Loving Melody (3)*

Melody's P.O.V:

Do you know the feeling like you're being watched? Like someone is just sitting there watching your every move? That's what I'm feeling right now. Yes, I think I've become paranoid. After thinking about what could've happened with that mad man from yesterday, I had a nightmare. And let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. 

Although I kept seeing a pair of blue eyes, that would save me everytime. And I think I know who they belong to. Why was he in ny dream anyway? His eyes! 

Sighing, I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to the light, and relaxed knowing I'm still alive and well. However,  I was met with the eyes of my younger sister, piercing into mine. 

Okay, so maybe I wasn't paranoid. I really was being watched.  


"Melanie, why are you up so early! It's a Saturday." I complained, rubbing my eyes to take a better look at her. 

"I'm bored. Take me to the park." She suggested, excitement evident in her voice. 

Now, when you look at my seven-year old sister, her dimples showing, with a puupy face, and her puffy cheeks, would you refuse? 

I, certainly can't. 

The little brat knows my weakness.

Sighing again, I agreed, telling her to get ready after kissing her cheek. This already indicates what a great day it'll be! - Note the sarcasm.

In a matter of fifteen minutes, I took a quick shower, and got in one of my floral sundresses. Perfect for a day in the park. 

Letting my hair fall in it's natural waves, I grabbed my house keys and called Melanie, after telling Nana we'll be home in a bit. 

The park was a good ten minutes away by foot, really close to the Café. Which reminds me, I have to open it in two hours, since it's a Saturday- most people take a day off. 

Walking hand in hand, we walked on the sidewalk, a safe distance away from the street. 

We arrived at the park, seeing kids from all ages playing around with their siblings and parents. My heart ached, looking at the sight in front of me. It's not fair that we've been banned from this kind of love. Our parents'. 

A few minutes later, Melanie pulled my hand, making me look down at her, her pigtails bouncing as she walked. 

"Yeah, Lanie?" 

"Are you getting married?" 

My eyes widened a bit, "No, I'm not. Where did you get that from, missy?" 

"Never mind." She waved her hand, dismissing my question. Well! What was that all about?

"I wanna sit by the lake! Please, please, Mel!" She jumped up and down. 

My eyes widened slightly before I recomposed myself, repeating in my head that she doesn't know anything about it. I'm okay, until I'm in a ten-miles distance from open water. 

"Lanie, we'll sit on the benches, right where the little kids are playing." I tried to please her, knowing she'll bring the topic up. 

"But these kids sre with their parents." She said, her eyes already filled with tears. "I'm not with mine. You aren't them! I want my Mommy and Daddy! Now!" She stomped her feet on the ground angrily, sending me a look full of hate. 

It was like she stabbed me in the chest, hitting where it hurts the most. 

"Lanie," I started, reaching for her hand, "I'm not Mom and Dad, but I try my best to be whatever you want be to be. Come on, we'll play together on the sw.." 

"No!" She cut me off, harshly pulling her hand from mine. Before I could even blink, she was already running away from me. 
Oh, my god. Not again! 


Christopher's P.O.V: 

"Yes, Patty. I'm with Nicole at the park." I said, nodding my head to everything she said, even though she can't see me. 

"Yeah, we won't be long." I glanced at Nicole, who was starting to walk away from me. "I'll call you in a bit, Patty. You too, bye." 

"Nicole! Come back here." I started walking behind her, and stopped when she approached a little girl, looking around six years old, sitting under a tree. 

The little girl was bowling her eyes out, crying with no adult supervision what so ever. 

I slowly walked towards them, before crouching on one knee in front of the little girl. 

"Hey, there."

The girl looked at me, her green eyes sparkling with innocence, full of tears. 

"This is Nicole, and my name is Chris. What's your name?" I asked her, lifting her chin up with my fingers. 

"M-my na-name is Mel-anie." She stuttered, tears still streaming down her adorable face.

"Where's your Mommy, Melanie?" I asked her, hoping to find her mother who might be looking like crazy for her.

If only I knew it'll make it worse.

She looked at me, then at Nicole who was cutely patting her shoulder. "She's dead." She said, before crying again, harder this time. 

My eyes bulged out of their socks, as Nicole's mouth was open wide. 

"I'm sorry, sweety. Are you here by yourself?" I asked her, wiping away her tears with my thumb.

This little girl was one of the cutest ever. With her cheeks the color of tomatoes, deep dimples, and green eyes, she was adorable. 

She shook her head, " I ran away from my sister. She's around here somewhere." 

"How would you like some ice-cream before we go find your sister?" I suggested, watching her smile appear on her face as she looked at Nicole.

She nodded, getting up and wiping her cheeks dry. 

"Hold my hand. Let's go." Nicole ushered her, taking her by her tiny hand before holding mine with the other. 


Half an hour later, I was seated on one of the benches, as the two girls played on one of the swings. We had no luck in finding Melanie's sister, and we looked everywhere. 

"Melanie?!" Just out of the blue,  a worried, shaky voice called out, making me turn around quickly. 

I watched as the little girl ran towards the woman, hugging her legs. I couldn't get a good look of her face, but kept looking anyway. 

I went and stood by Nicole, watching the woman lift Melanie into a bone-crushing hug. She caressed her cheeks, saying something I couldn't pick up. 

Melanie nodded, and apologized, if I saw right, then kept talking before finally pointing towards us- making the woman turn around to meet my eyes. 

Oh, boy. She's her sister?

She narrowed her watery eyes, obviously not remembering who I was- to my disappointment. Well, that's what I thought, until her lips curled up to form the most delicate smile I've ever seen. 

Melanie took her sister's hand, dragging her towards us. 

Wait. So Melody's mother is dead? 
She didn't have a brother, that I knew. And apparently she has a little sister, what about her father?

"Mel, this is Chris and she's Nicole! They're my new friends." Melanie said excitedly, holding Nicole's hand once again. 

"So, we meet again."

She smiled, "Thank you, Christopher. For taking care of her. " she said, putting both hands on her sister's shoulders. 
I nodded, my face still blank, even though it pleased me knowing she remembered who I was. After all, I did save her from that man, that filthy scum. 

Hey, I'm not being cocky. I just think a guy should be remembered after doing something like that, okay? 

 Her smile weakened slightly, making me feel a hint of guilt. 

"Aren't you a little cutie!" She gushed, holding Nicole's little hand in hers. Nicole giggled, looking in admiration at Melody.

"You're so pretty," she said, playing with a strand of Melody's hair. "I want to be just like you when I grow up." 

She laughed, poking my nephew's nose. Her laugh was so adorable. 

I took the time to completely look at her. She wore a colorful sundress reaching her knees, fitting her perfectly, making her curves more noticable. Her hair was loose down to her waist, as she kept removing strands out of her face. 

She was utterly, most stunningly beautiful.

The batting of her eyelashes on her cheeks was tempting, making me want to feel her soft looking skin. Her mouth stretched up in a smile at my nephew's words, making me want to smile too. 

"Don't talk like that. You're an angel. A beautiful angel, you'll be much more prettier than me. You're already prettier than how I was your age. This is nothing." She simply waved her hand in the air, pointing at herself. 

Nothing? How wrong was she. 


Sometime later, all four of us were seated on one of the benches, the  little girls sitting between us. 

The girls went to play, while I casually started a conversation with Melody. We talked a here and there, but she was so shy it was hard to keep a conversation going. 

"So, Melody," I started as my eyes got locked with hers. "Do you work by yourself at the cafè?"

She shook her head, taking a sip of her strawberry milkshake. "My best friend works with me, it makes it easier."

I nodded, clearing my throat at the sudden awkward silence. 

"You told me it was a present?" I titled my head to the side, awaiting her answer. 

"Sort of." She mumbled. I was just about to ask her what she meant when Melanie came, poking my knee.

"What is it, Melanie?" 

"Are you the boyfriend?" She blurted out. My eyes widened slightly, and Melody gasped, "Lanie! He's not my boyfriend. 

The girl giggled and just ran out of there!

Wait, The?

So, she has a boyfriend?


"I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend." I shifted my gaze to her older sister, confusion- I'm sure was written all over my face. 

"I-I don't" she stuttered, putting a strand of her hair behind her ear nervously.

"That's not what she said." 

"I told you- hey! What does it matter anyway? Change of subject."she demanded, punching my arm. 

Touchy, huh? 

"Fine, fine." I said, putting my hands up in surrender. "Too bad though." 

"What's too bad?" She knitted her eyebrows together, studying my face, apparently. 

It WAS too bad. 

"Uh, nothing." I dismissed with a wave of my hand. 

"Um, I haven't made Lanie breakfast yet. Wanna join us?" She suddenly asked, smiling weakly, her cheeks flushed. 

Her eyes were sparkling, her lips parted as I looked at her.

She looked so, kissable.

"Sure, my little devil has to eat too." 

 Her mouth made an 'O' shape, as if understanding of something downed on her. She turned to look at the girls, smiling as she watched them play. 

"Are yo..?" 

"Hey! anyone up for some breakfast?" She cut me off, ignoring my question- well half question. 

That, or she hadn't heard me. I doubt it's the latter though.

Did I say something wrong?

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