Loving Melody

Christopher Montgomery, a rich, hard-working teacher, has no time at all for his personal life after his last break up.

In an unexpected way, he meets Melody. A beautiful woman, with an angelic smile, who owns a bakery/cafe shop, who was also deaf.

Getting to know her, his cold attitude warms up, while his once unfazed heart starts feeling again as he finds himself loving Melody, despite their differences.

But their differences remain, as their relathionship goes through a lot of stages. Romance, anger, complete bliss, and finally-Drama.


3. *Loving Melody (2)*

Melody's P.O.V:

Holding my grocery bags, I went up all four flights of stairs, nearly out of breath when I knocked on the door. Of course, having my hyperactive seven year old sister didn't help one bit. She is always jumpy after a school day. 

"Melanie, pick up the spare key from under the carpet. I think Nana's taking a nap." 

She nodded excitedly. Over what exactly, I'll never know. She took the key and went to open the door. 

My feet were killing me. So when I stood ten minutes in front of the door, while she refused to give me the key, I had enough.
I put the groceries down, reaching to grab the key from her. 

"No!" She shrieked, making me regret my desicion. "I wanna open it! You meanie!" 

"Melanie, sweety. Give me the key. I have to make some soup for Nana. She's not feeling very well, remember?" I asked, crouching down so we were the same eye level. 

She pouted, and bit the inside of her lip. I knew she would give in for Nana's sake. She loves her too much.

"Okay." She said, extending her hand forward to give me the key. "Only for Nana." She added, flipping her hair in my face, turning away from me. She made sure I was able to figure out what she was saying before she turned her back on me. 


I opened the door and struggled with the bags, until finally getting to the kitchen. 

Fifteen minutes later, the soup was already done. But Melanie's pasta was still in progress. 

"Melanie, go wake Nana up for me. Her soup is ready." I called out, hoping she'd do as I say for once. 


"Nana, I'm going to the bakery, Cassie's shift is almost over." I told Nana as I kissed her cheek after giving her the medication. Melanie was already tucked asleep in bed, so I was now able to go to the bakery. 

 "Of course, honey. Take care." She patted my hand and smiled at me. 

"Will do, Nana."


After I entered the bakery, I was surprised to see it full. Literally, all the tables were occupied. I walked over to where Cassie was standing, looking proud at the customers, Who were filling every seat available in the café. 

" Cassie, what did you do?" I asked her, amused at the sight in front of me. 

" I didn't do anything" she chuckled, putting her hands up. "Lucky day, I guess." 

I nodded smiling, then sent her home to get some rest. She protested at first, because we had too many customers, but eventually gave up. She knows there is no winning with me. 

I walked by each table, asking if someome wanted anything. There were mostly couples, and a group of teenagers. 

It was already nine in the evening when people started leaving. I was exhausted, to say the least. 

I cleaned all the tables and locked up, when I felt someone tap my shoulder. Startled, I turned around, only to be met by a pair of mesmerizing deep blue eyes. 

 I think I'm gonna faint. 

"You ready, babe?" He asked, looking at me straight in the eyes. I couldn't see his face, because the street light was dim. My first instinct was to shout for help, until he looked to his side. A man who looked like he came out of a crime movie was standing by the corner. Tattoos, a black eye, thrice my size, looking at me with a look I didn't wanna see again. 

I quickly looked at the stranger in front of me, and nodded at him. He gave me a breath-taking smile and took my hand in his, walking towards the parking lot next to the bakery. 


Christopher's P.O.V:

Once I saw the guy was out of our sight, I stopped walking and turned to look at the girl in front of me. She was looking behind her, checking if the guy was following us. 

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked her, only she didn't answer, nor did she look at me. 

"Excuse me, Miss?" 

Still, nothing. 

I tapped her shoulder for the second time tonight, while still holding her hand. 

She turned her head slowly, until her eyes locked with mine. My breath got caught in my throat at her sight. She was beautiful. Her brown gorgeous eyes gave away her innocence. She was scared, and it was evident in her eyes.

"Sorry," I said, letting go of her hand, " I called you twice but you didn't answer. Are you okay?" 

She nodded twice then looked behind her again. 

"Um, thank you, for what you did back there." She said, fiddling with her fingers, while her bag hung on her shoulder.

"No problem" I gave her a nod, then took out my car keys. I looked up at her, watching her looking for something in her bag. 

"Miss, can I give you a ride somewhere?" 

No answer.

Okay. Was she avoiding me?

As I was about to speak again, she looked up at me, and stopped her searching. 

"Huh? Sorry, I didn't hear you." 

"I asked if you wanted a ride, it's dangerous at this time of night." I repeated, titling my head to the side. 

"It's okay, my house is just 10 minutes away." She gave me a weak smile, clearly still scared.

"I insist. That guy might still be here." 

Her eyes widened slightly, and she started fiddling with her fingers again. 

She looked cute. 

"Are you sure it's no trouble?" She asked with a smile, then bit her lip, waiting for my answer. 

"Not at all, I'm Christopher." I introduced myself, extending a hand to shake hers. 

"M-Melody," she nodded once, and shook my hand, "nice to meet you." She added with a warm smile. 

"You too, Melody." I motioned for her to get in the car, she looked at it for a few seconds, and sat in the passenger's seat. I waited till she was seated to close the door and get in myself. 


I drove carefully towards the address she gave me. She was still fiddling with her fingers, and kept looking at me every two seconds. 

"So, Melody. What is a young woman like you doing in a street like that, alone?" I turned my head dor a second to look at her, then turned my attention back to the road. 

"I- I was just locking up the cafe, like every night."

"You own that place?" I asked, stealing a glance at her. 

"Yes, it was a- a gift."

"A gift?" I asked raising an eyebrow. So, some people give other people shops. That's a new one. 

she ignored my question, saying,"I wasn't aware anyone was there. Especially that guy." She said, looking down at her lap.

"You shouldn't stay by yourself this late. Have your brother or father come pick you up. Even your boyfriend." I brought the car to a halt, then looked at the building in front if us. 

She didn't say anything.

I shifted in my seat so I was facing her. "I'd hate to think of what would have happened if I wasn't there." I meant that. I mean, she's small and fragile against that type of guys. And they were never good. I wanted to beat the living daylights out of that guy, just for the look he was giving her.

"I don't hav.." I couldn't make out what she said, since she was practically whispering. 

"Speak up, Melody."

She turned to look at me, her eyes looking in mine. "I don't have a brother, or a boyfriend." 

She doesn't have a boyfriend? But..oh, nevermind. 

"What about your father?" she wasn't looking in my eyes anymore, but just as I spoke, she looked up. I could have sworn tears were building up in her brown eyes as they sparkled, and I regretted even speaking. 

"Thanks for the ride, and for earlier." She opened the door, stepping out with her purse in hand. "I appreciate it." And before I could answer, she sent me a weak smile, and went inside the building. But I could see the smile wasn't real. And it bugged me, not knowing why it wasn't. I obviously upset her, unintentionally, I mean.

She's different. Shy, beautiful, and innocent. 

But it's none of my buisness. 





Hey you guys! I hope you enjoyed the second chapter of "Loving Melody." I enjoyed writing it! 

Comment what you think and like, favorite too. It gives me motivation to write more! 

You're the best!

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