Loving Melody

Christopher Montgomery, a rich, hard-working teacher, has no time at all for his personal life after his last break up.

In an unexpected way, he meets Melody. A beautiful woman, with an angelic smile, who owns a bakery/cafe shop, who was also deaf.

Getting to know her, his cold attitude warms up, while his once unfazed heart starts feeling again as he finds himself loving Melody, despite their differences.

But their differences remain, as their relathionship goes through a lot of stages. Romance, anger, complete bliss, and finally-Drama.


2. *Loving Melody (1)*

Melody's P.O.V:

"Would that be all, Mrs.Montgomery?" I asked one of my favorite customers as I placed the chocolate chip cookies in a little box. 

I looked up at her, admiring her aging beauty. For an old lady she sure was amazing. You could pass her as fourty-five, with her make-up, not knowing that she'll be sixty in a month. She takes good care of herself, starting with eating healthy. Only my chocolate chip cookies were her only exception, considering how much she loved them. 

It didn't seem fair that she had alzheimer in it's early stages. She looks too young and healthy. Beats me how she got it in the first place. 

She nodded, giving me a ten dollar bill. "Yes, dear." She replied with her delicate smile. She approached the counter, extending her hand to caress my cheek. "You're such a pretty woman, Melody. Where's the groom hiding?"

Okay. So maybe she looked younger, but she definitely acted her age. I smiled, putting my hand on top of hers. "He's just around the corner, lower your voice or you'll scare him away." I said, faking a pout. 

"Oh, my!" She gasped, putting her hand on her mouth. "I'm sorry, dear. Do you think he heard me?" 

Obviously, my sarcasm didn't get through to her, as she acted like she just killed a cat. 

"Nah, he has bad hearing anyway." I chuckled at her as I wrapped the box and handed it over to her. "Don't eat them all at once, Patty. Make sure to give some for you grandsons." I told her, waving at her when she was about to exit the bakery. 

"I will, deary!" She shouted behind her back, walking to the silver car that waited for her everytime. 

I shook my head in amusement as I cleaned the tables in the bakery. This bakery was the last thing my parents left me, as much as it was hard to think about. Whatever I did, I'd think of what they would have said. They didn't live the life they planned, they didn't live to the fullest. Their life was cut short without any former warning. 

But they were still with me somehow, or that's what 
I choose to believe.  After all, I did make my mom's dream come true. She's always wanted to transform this place into a cafe shop, simce she also had a passion for baking. 
Right before they died, she was about to start working on it. She used to say it would be a perfect place for couples to just sit and chat. As silly as it seems, my mom was quite the helpless romantic type. And I'd inherited all her qualities. Not that I'm complaining. 

I wanted to believe it.  That they were looking after me, one of the daughters they left behind. I still get depressed when I think of how my life would have been if they were still here. The things I would have learned from them. 

The little red sign in front of me lit up, warning me of arriving customers. Shaking my thoughts away and taking deep breaths to hold back the tears, I lifted my head up to look at a younge couple. They were walking in hand-in-hand, with the girl laughing at something the guy said. He just shook his head and kissed her forehead, leading her to a table. 
I found myself smiling alone like a good at their cuteness. Told you, helplessly romantic. 

After they were seated, I took two menus and made my way to the couple's table. The guy was stroking the girl's cheek as he whispered something to her, making her giggle. 

I smiled at them once she noticed me, her cheeks burning red. "Hello there, welcome to 'Heavenly Taste'. I'm Melody, the owner." I greeted, handing each one of them a menu. 

They politely greeted me back, and I hurried back to the kitchen, after telling them I'll be back to take their order in a minute. 

Putting on my baking gloves, I pulled the cake out of the oven, it's heavenly smell invading my nostrils. I sighed in content as I put it on the counter, letting it cool down before I'd finally add the frosting. 

I made my way back to the couple's table, with my pen and notebook in hand. 
 "Have you two lovebirds decided what to order?" I asked with a grin, looking in awe at the cute couple in front of me.

The girl giggled before hiding her face in her boyfriend's chest. He just rolled his eyes and smiled at me. 
"She still isn't used to it." He shook his head with a weak smile. "I mean, we've been together for two years. But she still blushes, just like the first time." He added before lifting her head up to face him. She just smiled at him, pecking his lips, then looked at me. 

"Well, I can't help it." The girl shrugged. "He's still the same flirt he was the first time."  

I smiled, admiring their love towards each other. The love was obvious in the way they looked at each other. I wish someone would look at me like that, one day. But I highly doubt it, considering my problem. 

"You make a really cute couple." I told them, smiling widely like an idiot. 

"Thank you." The girl said blushing, while the guy smiled at me. Woah, she does blush easily. 

"So, about you orders." I awkwardly reminded them, still standing in front of the table. 

"Right, sorry." The girl giggled, glancing at her boyfriend. "We'll have a piece of cheese cake, a piece of chocolate cake, and two coffees." 

"Coming right up" I told them, spinning on my heels, before walking towards the kitchen. 

Right then, I saw Cassie putting on her aperon, getting ready to work. 
"Cassie, thank god you're here." I hugged my bestfriend quickly, making her giggle once she hugged me back. 

"Hey, Mel!" She greeted me, about to put the frosting on the chocolate cake. 

"I really need to get off early, Cass. I need to go see Nana, she's not feeling very well, and I gotta pick up Melanie from school." I told her, biting the inside of my lip while waiting for her answer. 

"Sure, Mel. I'm here till the shift's over, do what you gotta do." She smiles at me, reassuring me that it was alright for me to leave. 

I jumped at her, hugging her with all my might. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squeaked, pushing my notebook in her hands. "Table 4, Cass. I owe you"

"Nah, it's alright. Kiss Melanie for me and say hi to Nana, I hope she gets better soon."

I nodded, kissing her cheek while grabbing my purse and heading to the door. 

Shaking my head, I started walking towards Nana's house, thinking about one thing. 

God, I loved my bestfriend. 




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