Loving Melody

Christopher Montgomery, a rich, hard-working teacher, has no time at all for his personal life after his last break up.

In an unexpected way, he meets Melody. A beautiful woman, with an angelic smile, who owns a bakery/cafe shop, who was also deaf.

Getting to know her, his cold attitude warms up, while his once unfazed heart starts feeling again as he finds himself loving Melody, despite their differences.

But their differences remain, as their relathionship goes through a lot of stages. Romance, anger, complete bliss, and finally-Drama.


4. Important!


Hey you guys! I wanted to applogize that I haven't updated yet, this and my other stories. Just been a bit busy, do bare with me.

The next chapter of this story will be up in two days, I think. 

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm working on the chapter, gonna try to make it as good as I can! 

That's what important(A), don't hate me cuz it's not an update!

Until next time, loves!

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