I'll tell you a story

It started last Spring,but I didn't wanted it to finish
I was finally in love and nothing was going to ruin
it. That's what I thought that 4th of Semptember
but I didn't knew some things were going to change.


16. The Plan

Roxie's POV

I saw Lou walk upstairs. Well, this was so strange. What was happening beetween Hazza and Lou? I wanted to know. I walked over to Miray who was in the kitchen

"Hey Mi, what are you doing?" I asked. "Just thinking, there is something strange beetween Hazz and Lou, I mean, at 6:45 in the morning Hazza came over to me and asked me if I liked Lou." "Oh! You too? Because Lou asked me... What did you say?" "Hey, Rox, Hazz is my best friend...-SHE COULD FEEL THAT I WAS SO JEALOUS SO SHE TRIED TO STOP-...I mean he is my friend and I have to tell him the truth" She quickly finished. "Oh... Right Mir listen to me, Lou is gonna ask you out, well, I think so. When he asks you, you are going to tell him that he finally asked you, he's going to stay there like 'WHAT?' And you're gonna tell him that he sent Hazza to ask you, he will say something like 'Oh and how did you knew?' And you're gonna tell him: Hey I'm not stupid. Then you will ask him to go for a walk but to leave your phones in the house so he can't tell Harry and I'm gonna do that with Hazz, alright?" "Yes" She answered. "Right" I said then I left

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