I'll tell you a story

It started last Spring,but I didn't wanted it to finish
I was finally in love and nothing was going to ruin
it. That's what I thought that 4th of Semptember
but I didn't knew some things were going to change.


15. Asking Roxie



Louis's P.O.V

I was walking in circles in my room thinking.'What if she doesn't likes me?' 'What if she has a boyfriend' this questions travelled trough my mind all day.Until I got that text.

From:Hazz x


Louis she likes you!

  I did a fist pump and then I realised Harry was watching.

"your turn bear"he said being serious.I just nodded and got out of the room searching for Roxie.She was down stairs Alone!I hummed and walked next to her.

"hey Rox"

"Hey bear"

"can I ask you something?"

"Umm sure"she said a little confused.

"do you like"I was interrupted by her.

"no Lou I don't like you"

"I was not asking for me I was asking For Hazz"

"yeah Sure"She said.

"okay thanks"I said and walked next to Harry.He was nervous.He looked at me hopefully.I just nodded.His face changed instantly...

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