I'll tell you a story

It started last Spring,but I didn't wanted it to finish
I was finally in love and nothing was going to ruin
it. That's what I thought that 4th of Semptember
but I didn't knew some things were going to change.


1. Meeting Love

Hi. I'm Roxie. I'm a huge fan of One Direction. I love fashion and I always like to be the best dressed. I'm 17 years old. And I'll tell you a true story.

The 29th of August last year my crush asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn't say no,so I said YES OBVIOUSLY! (Idiot me). But then,something changed. I was walking on the street the 4th of Semptember, my boyfriend had finished with me yesterday. By a text message. Poor me!

Well,as I told you I was walking on the street, then I saw a boy sat down near me. He was looking down and singing "she's not afraid". I said to myself: " I must meet that boy. Where have you seen a boy singing One Direction songs? Ha, only them." I started to laugh as the boy put up his head to look at me. It was Harry Styles! 

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