Beating the Odds

Jennifer and Jasper Henbridge are twins. Both are diagnosed with "Black Vein Disease" when they are just six years old, they are told that the disease will give them only a few years to live. Both children beat the odds and fight through until reaching aged eighteen. Jennifer's dreams of becoming a vet are shattered and Jasper is forced to pull out of the navy. The twins beat the odds once, but can they do it the next time the doctor says that they have months to live?


1. Prologue

Jennifer clasped all of the letters to her chest. She had written one for all of her close friends, her boyfriend and most of her family had one. She wrote one for Jasper too, a thanks to him for being there for her, all the way through. All the way along their journey they were there for each other. She shuffled through and scanned over all of the names, they were all there. Each and every one of them had a first class stamp pressed onto the corner and their addresses were inscribed neatly on the envelope holding each letter. She let them slip from between her fingers and thump at the bottom of the red post box.

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