"The overwhelming pain I now felt was caused by the fact that I missed him. The boy from my nightmare. The boy who I flew with. The boy from my memories."

Tear is a supposedly normal college student, enthusiastic, focused and hard working, but really she is creature of nightmares.
As Tear prepares for her next "feed", a mysteriously familiar boy swoops into her life. Little does Tear know, that her whole world is about to be turned upside down...

please enjoy this read!


1. Another Day of Life

I opened my eyes and the bright sun shone into them. I closed one eye and put a hand across my face. I forced myself from the bed, stretched my arms and wandered over to the mirror. I stared at my reflection. My black hair stood up on end and my red eyes shone. I grabbed the brush on my left and brushed out my hair. I slowly walked over to my wardrobe, opened the doors and stared inside. I grabbed a pair of tight skinny jeans, a black hoodie with two rips down the back and a purple vest top, also with two rips down the back. I got changed and opened the bedroom door.

 I walked out and saw a small girl with brown hair frying some bacon. She turned and looked at me. She frowned and put a hand on her hip. "It's about time you got up!" she said. "Well I do actually want to get to college on time." I replied as I eyed her dressing gown. "I will go! I'll just be a little late!" she replied as a piece of toast popped up in the toaster. I walked over and grabbed it before she did. She frowned at me. "Taylor! You said you were going on a diet!" I exclaimed. "Shut up Tear!" Tear was the name I picked for myself this year, as I don't age it's wise to change your name every time you move. I put the toast in my mouth and grabbed my black shoulder bag. I opened the door and looked at Taylor one last time. "See you later!" she said cheerfully. I walked out of the door and felt something hit the top of the doorframe. But, I was used to it by now so I just ignored.

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