When Average Meets Insane

Jane and Elena are just a couple girls living in New York City. One Direction, we all know who they are, but what happens when on New Years Eve the boys have a complete screw up at their performance and are asked to take a break for a couple years? That night Average met Insane and their worlds were turned upside down with friendship, romance, and a whole lot of insaneness.


2. Run Boys, Run

Niall's P.O.V

"Guys come on! we gotta hurry!" I hear Liam yell to the rest of us. I then hear a loud, nasty cough coming from Harry.

"You alright?" Louis asks raising an eyebrow at him worriedly.

"Fine" he replies in a raspy voice

"Sure doesn't sound like it, you sure you haven't got a cold?" I ask patting him on the back.

"Said I'm fine guys"

"Sure" me and Louis say sarcastically.

"Guys! seriously we have got to be there soon!" Zayn says joining Liam at the door.

"We're coming, god!"


~10:00 pm~


Harry's P.O.V

Okay, two hours until midnight, how hard can this be? I just need to not look like crap! but 'noo' my fever says otherwise. Suddenly I let out a few more coughs, earning the attention of the other boys and a few guards.

"Harry, are you really okay? I mean in your not feeling well we'll just tell whoevers in charge that we cant do this this year" Liam says looking to me.

"I'm perfectly fine, alright?" I say a bit harshly, my throat had been killing me all day so has my stomach. Suddenly we were being called up for our performance. I get up slowly and we all get to the stage. The music for 'Diana' started playing and just then my head started exploding with pain. I look over at the lads and see their faces filled with concern. Was it that obvious? one after the other we sang. When It came to Louis' part I had nearly passed out of stage from the headache, I had fallen onto my hands and knees. I glance over and see Niall walking around but when he looks to me he fell off the stage! In the process Louis messed up his lines, he completely forgot them, didn't even try cover up his mistake. The music stopped, I laid there, squeezing my eyes closed, curling up into a ball and holding my head. God when will this night end!?!

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