One of the Guys

"Why are you crying?" Harry walked towards Stephanie. "Nothing, its nothing." She wiped the tears away. He stepped closer. "What's wrong?" Stephanie hesistated. "The guy I like....I don't think he likes me back..." Harry thought. "Well maybe if you didn't act like one of the guys, he might like you back."


5. Chapter 5.


Harry ran the words over and over in his mind. He had to make this apology perfect. He did feel pretty bad about the way he was acting.

He was goong to do what Niall had said and give her a chance.

He walked up to the door and knocked, but than he remembered they shared the space and ended up walking in.

She was in the same place as the first time he had walked in, but this time she didn't turn to look at him.

"Hey, can we talk?"

She was still angry at him so she didn't look at him, but took one headphone out.

Harry sighed, " I um want to apologize for being a complete douche. I'm not like this I promise. I just... I don't know really. And I know there is no excuse for me being like that to you but yeah. I wanted to maybe ask for another chance? Maybe start over?"

He took a breath and waited for her answer. When it never came he flopped down on his bed pretty angry at himself.

Estephanie smiled to the side and spoke up.

"Hi, I'm Estephanie."

Harry took the pillow away from his face and looked at her.

"Nice to meet you love, I'm Harry." 


They spent an hour sitting there and talking about eachother.

Harry told her about the band, how he worked at bakery, and about his family. Estephanie told him her singing dreams, how she got offered the job, and about her sister.

"Why don't you let us help you with your singing?" Harry said after a second of silence.

"No thanks, you already have enough on your plate."

"No really, or atleast let me help, I want to."

"Okay but only if it doesn't get in they way of your job.... wait.... AREN'T YOU SUPPOSSED TO BE INSIDE ALREADY?!?!"

"Not till 5."

"IT IS 5!!"

They both open their eyes wide and headed for the door at full speed.

"There gunna fire me and its my first day!" Estephanie yelled towards Harry who was a few strides infront of her. Since he was tall, Estephanie had to run to keep up with his jog.

They ran towards the dresing room.

"Harry, there you are!" A thin lady with a concerned face said to them.

"" Harry said in between breaths.

"Hi sweety, nice to meet you. Now Harry on the chair please."

Estephanie walked over to the other boys who were done getting ready.

"You should go to the meet and greats with us, I mean you are part of the family now." Liam smiled down at her.

She smiled back and agreed. She was actually excited aout this, she wanted the fans to get to like her and not get hate.

She was very self concious.

They finished getting Harry ready and gave Estephanie a lanyard with her 'Stage Crew' pass.

Paul ushered them into a room with a background that contained the boys names. Paul handed her a chair and she sat off to the side.

Finally after a minute of the boys goofing around, the first girl peaked though. She had tears in her eyes and she ran over to the boys telling them how much she loved them.

The boys took a picture with her and than introduced Esteoganie to them. This happened eith every girl that walked in. They were all very nice to Estephanie and some were estatic to see a girl on tour with them.

After all the goofy pictures were done, the boys left. Paul took Estephanie towards the front of the stage. A gate seperated them and the thousands of screaming girls. Paul offered her some ear plugs, but she refused to take them.

They waited a couple of minutes just walking around and saying hi.

One girl stopped Estephanie and asked her if she was dating one if the boys. She said no and the girl kindly asked to take a picture with Estephanie.

She felt weird about doing it, but she took the girls phone and took it for them. The girk gave her a small hug and than burst into tears.

Apperantly, by what Paul had said, most of the girls get excited about anyone who knows the boys. It makes them feel almost as if they had met the boys in person.

Some more time passed than the lights went out and the opening band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, came on.

All of the girls screamed and sang along. It was all incredible.

After a few songs, they got off stage and One Direction came on.

It was crazy, everyone was down to tears and screaming. The excitement in the room showed. Everyone loved them so much.

A tear fell from Estephanie's eye, she already felt proud even though she had just met them. She was going to try her hardest to be liked by them. They looked like great guys to her.

And they had the same dream as her.  


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