One of the Guys

"Why are you crying?" Harry walked towards Stephanie. "Nothing, its nothing." She wiped the tears away. He stepped closer. "What's wrong?" Stephanie hesistated. "The guy I like....I don't think he likes me back..." Harry thought. "Well maybe if you didn't act like one of the guys, he might like you back."


3. Chapter 3


"Stephanie!" She looked up.

All of the boys were taken aback. When they saw her, they were convinsed she was a guy.

Harry whispered to Louis, " Trust me, I won't be hitting on her anytime soon."

They both snickered a little. Liam shot them a look and Estephanie peaked over for a second.

"Boys, this is Estephanie. She is your activity administrator. She will be touring with you guys." 

She smiled at the boys. She still was a bit nervous about having them infront of her. 

"Well we need to get this going so I have you guys paired for your buses."

Estephanie's eyes widened. She didn't think she would have to share the bs with someone.

"Okay! Zayn and Louis.."

They high fived eachother and ran towards their bus.

"Liam and Niall!"

They skipped over to their bus, waving at more fans.

"Annnd Harry and Estephanie!"

They turned to eachother with shocked faces.

"Paul will talk to you later about what to do exactly."

Estephanie nodded and walked off, leaving Harry behind.

"No, I will not be in the same bus as her."

"Harry please don't start."

"I don't know her!!! Why can't she share with Paul!!"

"Because all of you need to bond with her. She is going to spend a lot of time with you from now on."


Harry angrily walked off. He couldn't believe that they made him go through this. 

He didn't even know her, or want to know her.

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