One of the Guys

"Why are you crying?" Harry walked towards Stephanie. "Nothing, its nothing." She wiped the tears away. He stepped closer. "What's wrong?" Stephanie hesistated. "The guy I like....I don't think he likes me back..." Harry thought. "Well maybe if you didn't act like one of the guys, he might like you back."


1. Chapter 1


"Estephanie Guzman, please follow me."

The girl got up from her chair, her hood up. She stuffed her hands in her pockets and followed the older women in a suit. 

"In here please. He'll be here in a second." 

She walked past the women and sat down infront of the desk. 

She looked around at the nice office. It had a great view and was really neat. Their albums were arranging the wall behind the desk. 

Must be proud. 

The door opened. 

The man looked at the person sitting in the chair. She was wearing a sweater, skinny jeans, and high tops. From the back you could confuse her for a guy. 

"Ah Estephanie, there you are." 

She got up and turned to the man. She was wearing a plain black t-shirt under her sweater. 

"Mr.Cowell, nice to see you again." 

They shook hands and took their seats, Estephanie in her chair, and Simon behind the desk.

"Well, did they explain to you why you are here?"

"A little yes. I still don't understand why you hired me." 

"Well we needed someone trust worthy for this, and you proved yourself."

"I auditioned for a singing competition?" 

"Okay well yes but think about it, this will be a great chance for you to practice your singing!" 

"As an activity administrator?" 

"Look, all you have to do is go with them to anything fun they might want to do. You just basically have to keep an eye on them. You'll have fun !" 

She sighed and sat back in her chair.

"Are you in?"

She thought about it for a second.

"Fine okay."

He smiled, "Great ! You start Thursday! Bring 1 suitcase full of clothes and meet us in the lobby." 

She said goodbye and walked back to her car. The whole way thinking about what had just been given to her. 

She was going to go on tour with One Direction.

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