The Fence

“Haven’t you ever felt like there has to be more? Like there’s more out there somewhere, just beyond your grasp, if you could only get to it?” - Final Word Count: 3984 - Top ten in the More Than This Competition :D


1. Top of the Class

I watch from the Fence. Flames flicker in their cages along its steel top. I'm facing the familiar flowers laid in rows; the familiar freshly cut lawn; the familiar faint stars across the sky. I'm facing the same situation I am always in this time of night.

  My stomach flips as I see something move. It's the girl.

 Her silhouette fits perfectly in between the wired diamonds that my frozen fingers entwine around.

   Sitting in the window, the light from inside made her face a shadow but illuminated her best feature; blood red hair. I had been the one to supply her with the dye, which is extremely hard to get on her side, so I’m surprised she lasted this long without being jumped on by the Shieldsmen. Or her mother.

   They’re strict you see, the government, controlling worthless things like your appearance. Can’t have too many Failures wandering into this town, otherwise anyone would think they could just move in and take advantage of the ‘Cream-only’ facilities.

   Who would want to be with them? It’s just full of men in shining suits and women in delicate dresses, people rushing around from their allocated jobs to their allocated homes, living with their allocated families. Ugh! Dresses are far too constricting.

   Continuing to gaze at her shadow, her head shifted a little. She was looking directly at me so I tried to beckon her forward with a wave.

   Shortly pausing, I thought I had her in my net when she left the window. The light disappeared. I waited.

   A few minutes later, a torch stared straight into my eyes. A rough voice followed,

   “Call the Shieldsmen. It’s by the Fence. Quickly!” Then the door slammed along with all the curtains.

   What idiot shouts when trying to catch something?

   I let go of the wire and shove my hands into my pockets whilst I shuffle away.

   Apparently she was top of the class, so she wouldn’t waste her brains by running with me the day before the final test, even with all I’ve managed to swipe from the Nest for her.

   I should’ve have known better. No clutter’s allowed in this consummately clean town. The Cream’s are too prim and proper to fall for my plan, but rather take everything poor people have. I was so close too! There must be more out there than just missing out on the prize all the time.

  Sighing, I have no choice but to go on. I might come second, but I can’t stop trying. There’s nothing left on this side of the Fence for me. Perhaps one day I’ll finally win. Perhaps one day I’ll finally get what I want without stupid society getting in the way.

   The lights become less frequent and dimmer as I continue down the road. Almost disappearing completely when I cross the boundary, hopefully I’ll have more luck in this place.

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