The Fence

“Haven’t you ever felt like there has to be more? Like there’s more out there somewhere, just beyond your grasp, if you could only get to it?” - Final Word Count: 3984 - Top ten in the More Than This Competition :D


3. Caught in my Trap

My mutters continue to take over my mind. Why was it always me that missed out?

    You can never rely on stupid kids. They’re too contrary. I want to get away from here with you. Lies. I’ll repay the favour for all the stuff you got me soon. Lies. I’ll come tomorrow. Lies, lies and more lies! There’s nothing more but this pointless cycle of false truths and false freedom; society turning your back on you. Ugh!


Psst…” Spinning round, I was pulled from thoughts of giving up.

   “Psst!” It came more urgent this time. The Fence was almost breaking down now, holes here and there, trailing all the way along the branch that no-one checks; the side of town that so few care about even I almost missed my last trap.

   These were the guarantied Failures.

   Most of the people on my side of the Fence came from these houses. Left to their own devices in the corner, very few try hard to pass the final test, but nothing was expected of them. Plus they’d still be looked down on no matter how far they moved up so what was the point in trying.

   I knelt down to the ground.


   “I’ll get there in a second!” I forgot that the voice was probably trying to be subtle in getting my attention.

   “Sorry…” High-pitched, they were excited.

   A hand, slim with bitten-down fingernails, shot out from a hole and grabbed my wrist. Jumping out of my skin, a girl’s round blue eyes, squirming with sparkles of happiness, met mine.

   “Hey, thought you might’ve left me behind then!” She took her hand away, “We’re still on for running, right?” She whispered, barely able to get her words out.

   “Anything you want honey.” I knew how to play the naïve ones easy.

   Already halfway through the hole, she bent awkwardly to take a look back at her hometown before turning with a grin.

   “Get me out of here!”

   I pulled her forward. My thoughts of abandoning everything in my search for more vanished. I was finally going to be a winner.

   Finally getting her free from the chewed wire clinging onto her jumper, we had to get far away from the Fence. With the sun defeating the night and the birds beginning to chirp on the other side, someone will notice her leaving when she doesn’t turn up for the final test tomorrow. Not that they’ll care or anything, I just don’t want any second thoughts to arise.

   She was caught in my trap, and there was no turning back for either of us. Soon, I will get to see more than this dump.

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