There's something called a verge. It's the breaking point. Verge leaves you empty. It's an alien that you can't escape. It seeps into your brain and leaks negativity where ever it goes. Are you ready to fight it, Alex isn't watch her reach her verge, mabey you will learn from it.


2. I was #110

I was injected with a very thick serum that looked like syrup and I started to feel sleepy. My eyelids drooped and I began to go in a thick sleep-like state.

I opened my eyes and saw my mother looking at me, my father scowling, and my brother glaring at me. The scene changed to me in my baby crib, my father handed me a knife and I was playing with it, I cut myself and started crying, the thick red substance flowing out of the slash. My mother ran in and stole the knife. The scene changed again to my brother giving me a lit match, I stuck it in my mouth, not knowing it would soon cause a blackened burn mark. The scene changed and I was looking at my mothers dead body on the ground while my father stabbed her repeatedly. I saw him stand up and smile. The scene shifted, I was looking at Katrina as she was attacked by the Verge, her body bloody and her eyes completely blank, they were black and had a red ring in the inside. I saw the V.R. come in and shoot her, her body shifting with the force of the impacting bullets. Her body bleeding, but the blood wasn't crimson, it was black. I felt the pain I have lived over again. I'm not that wonderful girl everyone thinks I am, I have secrets.

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