There's something called a verge. It's the breaking point. Verge leaves you empty. It's an alien that you can't escape. It seeps into your brain and leaks negativity where ever it goes. Are you ready to fight it, Alex isn't watch her reach her verge, mabey you will learn from it.


4. chapter 4

I heard a knock on the door. A man walked in wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope. "I assume you are Alex, the new cadet?" He said with an asking tone.

"Yes, sir." I said with finality in my voice. He chuckled and walked over to me.

"So you were attacked by the Verge?" He asked.

"No, sir. I was almost attacked though, I almost passed out from a panic attack." I didn't understand why he was asking these questions. I'm here now.

"I am going to examine you." He told me. He grabbed my ties from the stretcher and loosened them, "If you try to leave I will inject you with a mixture that will paralyze you. It's in your best interest to not escape." He then pulled all of my ties off.

"May I please sit up?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. I sat up straight and began to shake out my stiff muscles. The doctor comes up to me and tries to put his stethoscope on my back, but I scream. Images of a man coming up to me and doing that exact motion come into my head. Only he was there to cause pain, this doctor is here to asses me. I quickly apologized for my actions, and he tried again. This time I bolted up right. The doctor was quick to grab my arm and I fell to the floor shaking and begged him not to hurt me. He knelt down beside me, "What the hell happened to you?" I cried harder and soon found it very hard to breathe. My body was shaking and I felt very warm. Soon, a sharp pain in my arm enveloped my senses and I clawed at my wrists begging for the pain to stop. Sleep took hold of my body, and I left the light feeling like I was dying.

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