There's something called a verge. It's the breaking point. Verge leaves you empty. It's an alien that you can't escape. It seeps into your brain and leaks negativity where ever it goes. Are you ready to fight it, Alex isn't watch her reach her verge, mabey you will learn from it.


3. chapter 3

I woke up in a stretcher, I was tethered by 3 black bands, all of which were extremely tight. I tried to wiggle, and heard a click I recognized as a hammer being pulled back. I laid as still as I could, they were threatened by me, when people are threatened they think irrationally.

The lights were flashing by me as I was wheeled down the hallway of a treatment center. I could feel my skin being rubbed raw by the tethers. I tried to speak to tell the doctors, but not a sound came out. I was mute by the serum they injected, I could only move.

I finally felt the bed come to a stop, I was unstrapped by a guard wearing all black, I stood at attention, where he circled my body once before speaking, "You're in acceptable physical shape, you are lucky you weren't infected cadet, it would have been a waste of human," while he was speaking he was further examining my body, a poke here, a prod there. All the while, I was standing like I had been trained, feet shoulder width apart, arms behind my back, head straight. "Cadet, you showed weakness, which is banned in any place. You need more training with your mind, your weaknesses must be crushed. If I punched you, your automatic response would be to hit back, but would your rage be crushed or would you use it to fuel you? Mental usage is just as important as physical, my guess is you would allow your rage to fuel you, which makes it harder to stop when your opponent is down. Emotions must be controlled. You will find it easier to control your body. We start tomorrow. Your doctor will be in here shortly." With that he walked out. I was stunned by what he said because it's true.

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