All I Ever Wanted

"Who is she"? Harry asked Niall while he stuffed his face with pizza.
"Oh thats Josefina, shes in my first class, shes cool ha". Niall said while taking a look at her with her friends.
"Wow, shes something alright". Harry said while looking at her.


1. First Day Of School

Josefina's POV:


      It was the first day of school and I woke up monday morning and I just wanted to get back in bed. Im used to waking up later in the afternoon, summer was great i would literally stay up all night and sleep till noon. So as i laid in bed I finally decided to get my lazy bum out of bed and get ready. I got up and walked into my bathroom and did my business brushed my teeth and turned on my curling iron and let it heat up while i went and changed. It was the first day and i wanted to look super cute i mean who doesnt lol so i decided to wear a black high waisted skirt it looked like it was leather but it wasnt or that would be wierd and i decided to but a plain blue tank top on and a leather jacket to top it off and some ankel boots black of course it seems like a lot of black but it was  cute outfit. Anyways i finally finished doing my hair and was satified and i did my make-up not a lot just mascara and a light shade of eyeliner and i was ready to go. I grabbed my bag and walked outside to my car, more like truck or whatever i had a black range rover. Hey come on i live in New York and im an only child to two successful lawyers, im spoiled or thats what everyone at school thinks. we can talk about me later. Right now lets focus on me not falling on my face infront of everyone. As i walk in to school there i bunch on kids in school and omg did i have trouble getting in. All these freshman were everywhere! Good thing im a Junior and i dont need anyting because my parents already got me my schedule so i go straight to find my bestfriend Ally. I walk into the lunchroom and its full of kids eating their breakfast. I instanly see Ally with a few other girls talking so i walk up to her and pull her in for a hug. "Josefina" she screams and everyone stares but we look at eachother and laugh. "Omg i missed you so much girl" she said pouting. "Me to babe, im sorry we didnt get to hangout alot this summer you know my parents they made me go to London for vacation with my cousin you cant imagine what happen i went to they best places ever! im so moving there after i graduate and your coming with me!" "Ahhhhh Yaya i better be going with you baby lol" Ally screamed. We talked about what she did for the summer and a bit about what i did and we were interrupted my the bell time for 1st period. We shoved our bodies through a bunch of excited freshman and finally made it out to the hall way. "What class do you have first?" Ally asked looking at her schedule. "I have English lll with Mrs. White & you?" "Oh my gosh i have Algebra ll with Burch upstairs ill see ya later girl okay. "okay girl, and we hugged and went our seperate ways. I walked towards class and as i walked in there was no one just this really cute looking blonde boy, me not being shy i went and sat next to him and askes him his name. "Im Niall nice to meet you" omg he had the cutest Irish accent hahah 

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