Just Another Love Story

When I went to my first concert I was so excited, but I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have on my life. It was a Justin Bieber concert and I had back stage passes I was so excited, I had gotten them as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to go, but I had a few months to wait.


5. Chapter 5

A few hours later we met up with Justin’s girlfriend her name was Repel, she was giving me the evil eye the whole time because of the shirt I was getting tired of it so finally I said something “are you mad about something maybe you should tell Justin about it.” Justin’s eyes got wide and he shook his head then I said “I have to go to the bathroom excuse me.” “Uumm I do to” then he caught up to me, started laughing “what is so funny” I asked “Jesse is lucky.” “Huh?” “Nobody ever stands up to Repel and I really want to break up with her as bad as that sounds” “Justin” I said as I grabbed his arm “then break up with her you deserve to be happy” “thanks” he said “you know it’s really my fault I liked her so much, and so I spoiled the crap out of her.” “That’s not how all girls are yes spoil your girlfriend but not too much” I hugged him and we went back. I sat by Jesse and he brought me into him with his arm. Justin sat by Repel and she started yelling at him but he stopped her “listen” he said she rolled her eyes “I don’t even like you anymore you are not the girl I asked out a year ago. I am breaking up with you” “is it because of her!” she yelled “no her and Jesse are dating” “how” she said “your hot” pointing to Jesse “and you’re like, not, I didn’t even like you I just wanted Jesse the whole time” she said storming over to Jesse as if she was going to kiss him but Justin grabbed her arm “I think you need to go.” She left Justin sat down “sorry” I said “ah please I am glad that I got rid of that freak, thanks” then for the rest of the night we just hung out Jesse had to leave so it was just Justin and I we held hands again. But we got to talking and Justin said “I know that we only hung out today but I feel like we are good friends” “so do I” I interrupted. He continued “tomorrow morning I am leaving New York I know that I have your number but I don’t know how we are going to stay friends. Wait we are in the same grade so maybe for a couple of months you could come on the road with me, would you want to?” “Uumm yes if my parents will let me but what about Jesse?” “Well can fly to you.” “Okay yea if my parents will let me then totally!” we kept walking and then Scooter text Justin and it said “you need to come back now!!” so we got a cab and dropped me off I hugged Justin when I got out and at the same time we said “Bye, I’ll text you.”  

I got inside my house and started thinking about how I would ask if I could leave for a few months. Then thinking so hard I ran right in to my mom “Oh hey sorry” I said “uumm so I have a pretty big question to ask you” “Ok” she said “hit me!” “Ok” I sighed oddly “uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I want to go on tour with Justin for a few months” I closed my eyes pulled my head back and inhaled deeply. There was total and complete silence, it was so quiet that I don’t think you would have been able to hear a pin drop. It was scary quiet it was making claustrophobic. Then she cleared her thought “you just met him today and what about sleeping and” “mom!” I interrupted “Justin is going to take care of all that. He knows what he is doing and his mom, Pattie, will be there she isn’t going to let anything happen that you wouldn’t want to. Please mom this is my dream happening, this is my chance to do something worthwhile. This is perfect for me for everything even school, people made fun of me at school for having this as my dream, and its actually happening I can do what I never thought would happen. I never in my wildest dream thought this would happen; true I thought about it but never believed it would happen, please Mom.” That deadly silence came back, my eyes were teary because I just knew she would say no, but a little part of my heart said different. I started to walk to my room “yes” she said I looked at her she looked sad but happy and was smiling. I ran and hugged her and then I texted Justin “I can come:D” “AWSOME!!! You better pack”

     I was so excited I was going on tour with Justin and in a way Jesse too I heard a knock on my door as it slowly opened it was my mom she had something in her hand and it was covered up with a blanket. “What's that?” I asked she uncovered a small lock box and pulled out a big role of hundred dollar bills and held it out “take it” she said “mom no” “it’s not mine, well I mean it is but I have saved $200 from each check for my two kids hoping they would use it for collage but not intended for that so it’s yours I have never called this mine there is $9600 there don’t spend it all in one place” I sat for a moment then said “you have only had 96 checks?” “well no but I only saved as a teenager I didn’t have bills then” “oh” I nodded “thanks” and I finished packing with a little help from my mom “so I here you have a date with Jesse McCartney” “yup” “don’t you like Justin Bieber” “yes but I am not gonna marry him”

     In the morning I was just talking to Keneo, my brother, and he said “it’s so cool that you are doing this you are gonna be like famous wont that be cool people are going to think you are dating oh yea and Jesse McCartney K you have to get me something awesome like a an autograph from Brittany Spears or Rihanna they are hot, I can’t believe I am gonna say this but I might actually kind of just a little bit maybe miss you probably not. Oh” “ok K I get it text me the rest Justin is going to be here soon” “ooh” he said “what?” I asked “your eyes light up when you talk about him they did before to but, he’s different then even Jesse you like Jesse but Justin I don’t know can I meet him?” “You want to uum yea absolutely” as the doorbell rang I ran down to answer it. I opened the door and it was Justin “hey gorgeous” he said as he hugged me and smiled. I blushed a little and then Keneo came down the stairs “Hey” he said to Justin and they introduced themselves and Justin walked in and grabbed my bags my mom and dad came down the stairs and hugged me goodbye and then my dad said “where is the kid not much of a gentlemen” “he is dad” I said “he took my bags out to our ride but listen I have to go love you all” then I hugged my twin brother and walked out the door Justin came and grabbed my hand as we got in the car.

          We were sitting on the tour bus and I was so excited I looked at Justin and he looked so cute. My brother’s words kept playing in my head “your eyes light up when you talk about him they did before to but, he’s different then even Jesse you like Jesse but Justin I don’t know” I was making a thinking face and Justin said “thinking, thinking, thinking doesn’t get you anywhere unless you share it” I smiled and we started talking and talking it then my phone rang I was disappointed. I looked down and it was Jesse “hey what’s up?” “Are you with Justin yet” “yup” “ok cool then I will see you tonight for our date” “oh” I was a bit disappointed “I’ll see you then bye” I hung up we finally got where we were going and we checked Justin and I into our hotel room and then I got ready for my date with Jesse it was fun we kissed and had a great time I got back to the hotel room and Justin was sleeping so I was quiet as I crawled into my nice tight bed and went to sleep.


     Jesse and I had gotten pretty close at this point and I really liked him we had been going out for a few months. I felt bad Justin really wanted a girlfriend but he didn’t have one but he had gone on loads of dates. He was happy and always lots of fun and he was very patient with me when I needed to vent, and to top it all off he gave me great advice like he would say things like “he just wants you to know what he thinks because he cares you aren’t wrong but you know” I was loving life more than ever.

     Justin came home last night from a date and was bummed because it didn’t really work out. He walked in the door and I said  “hey bro, how’d it go” “bad” he sighed “oh sorry well come to the store with me and we can get some ben and jerry’s and crap and get a movie then we can come back and talk about it or whatever ok?” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door. We got back to the hotel room and we popped in the movie, I wasn’t very happy with the movie it was way scary movie but it was up to him. I made him come sit by me so I could cuddle somebody cause it was scary as shit. I put my head into his chest and he just started laughing “what” I said “I can’t believe that scared you that wasn’t even the scary part” “are you kidding me! I don’t know if I can handle this then.” “Alright, we can turn it off” “thank you” so we just talked. Then it got deep like how Justin cried when he had to leave Canada, and his friends and grandparents, he said he knew he was coming to something great but he had to leave his whole life behind. Then it calmed down and we started joking around and having fun we went and knocked on doors and ran down the hallway and had fun and we got back to the hotel room I went and got in the shower. I got out and we started talking again and it got quiet for a minute I didn’t know what to say so we just sat on the bed snuggled up and then… Justin kissed me.

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