Just Another Love Story

When I went to my first concert I was so excited, but I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have on my life. It was a Justin Bieber concert and I had back stage passes I was so excited, I had gotten them as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to go, but I had a few months to wait.


4. Chapter 4

After the show we went and got matching shirts sort of they were but we gave each other nick names that we put on them, mine was naturally shawrty like shawty and shorty mixed. Justin’s was BuBu for like B in Bieber and U in Justin. Then Jesse’s was Fi Shi, it’s kind of a long story. After we got the shirts we changed into them they were way cool they were all the way black and then had blue, purple, pink and orange. On mine it was like paint splatters, on Justin’s it was stripes, and then on Jesse’s it was a plain color on each side of the shirt it was way cool. We went to the mall took pictures in those photo both things. We were just walking around and once in a while BuBu and Fi Shi would sign an autograph, Justin’s phone rang he answered and walked off. So it was just me and Jesse we were just talking about random stuff then he stopped so I did to and he asked me “Kryta I don’t know you very well obviously I just met you today but you seem really nice, and you are way cute. Do you wanna go on a date sometime?” Oh my gosh Jesse just asked me on a date there were so many thoughts running through my head it was silent for about 15 seconds then I looked at him he thought I was going to say no and he was embarrassed  but then I finally said something “Of course I would love to” he looked up relieved we both smiled and he took a couple steps closer and hugged me and we hugged each other tight. I saw Justin coming back but I kept hugging Jesse then Justin got to us and said “well well well it looks like my plan worked.” We stopped and I looked at Jesse but I kept my arm around him and asked what they meant Justin said “I didn’t make him ask that was all him but now I have another couple to double date with” I laughed “who was on the phone?” “ah just my girl she saw a picture that was tweeted with us wearing matching shirts and thought yours said shawty instead of shawrty and got mad about it but I explained” “oh sorry” I said then looked up at Jesse he was already looking down at me. He was a lot taller than I was partly because he was like two years older and because I was short for my age. We started walking again and out of habit Justin and I grabbed each other’s hand but then we stopped and I grabbed Jesse’s and squeezed it tight. Then I grabbed his arm, and he looked down and smiled.

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