Just Another Love Story

When I went to my first concert I was so excited, but I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have on my life. It was a Justin Bieber concert and I had back stage passes I was so excited, I had gotten them as a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to go, but I had a few months to wait.


1. Chapter 1


“Mom” I yelled from my room “what is it now?” she asked with a sigh. “Should I do my makeup like this, this OR this?” I asked showing her three different pictures of my makeup. “What are you doing your makeup for exactly?” “DUH! The concert” “You do relies it’s not for a few moths right?” “Yes but I just want it to be perfect” “I shouldn’t have given them to you this early” she said under her breath and walked away. “WAIT! Witch one 1 2 or 3?” “Hmm 2” she said “Okay I’ll do 3” I said skipping back to my room.

“Kryta” I hear bolting out of my room “Did you get THE STUFF?” I ask “Yes I got it, you with your obsession.” “Man you are so totally jealous.”  I say as I pull the Justin Bieber shoes out of the bag along with socks and a T-shirt all having J Bieber on them. As I came back out of my room with all of it on along with the things of him I already owned I said as a nervous wreck “Mom I don’t  have pants” confused she said “You are wearing some right now?” “I know” I said “I mean Justin Bieber pants” “Honey just wear purple ones or blue those are his favorite colors right?” she said “ right I have purple and blue I can cut them in half then sew them together and they will be purple and blue!” I said excitedly, as she said “Oh gosh Kryta you are getting pathetic” then she looked over but I was already gone. Now the concert was in one day and I couldn’t wait!

I woke up and ran to the shower I took about 30 minutes in the shower and was singing Justin Bieber. Then I jumped out and put a night gown on, I didn’t want to wrinkle my clothes then a few hours later my mom said “Time to get ready to go see a 13 year old boy sing” “An amazing 17 year old boy” I said “and I’m 16!” “Yes but I didn’t pay to see you I am stuck with you every day for free!” she chuckled I went and did my hair and my makeup and then I got dressed and then we headed out the door. Then we finally got there and I was so excited it was crazy there were so many people! But we had backstage passes so we got to go back and I have just got to say there were some pretty ugly people there not to be rude,… because we got to know them and they actually ended up being very nice people. Just not people with very nice looks. Then Justin came back and we were all freaking out, they were getting a little mad because he was giving me kind of a-lot of attention, not that I minded. He actually asked for my number and I gladly gave it to him, and he gave me his. I wasn’t sure if it was even real, but was so enthused about it that I didn’t notice until he went back out on stage that he didn’t give it to any of the other girls. Then a few minutes later someone came back and asked “Hey do you want to be the one less lonely girl?” and I gathered that I looked like I was about to die by how everyone looked at me, and what do you think I said “Of course! I would love to be!” then I could tell that the other girls were really ticked off. I felt bad but I waddled on by and went and then I saw the stage all the smoke the lights it was so glamorous. Then I got my cool together and I walked out, and over to Justin, and he hugged me like we were best friends, it was nice, I hugged him back tight but I knew he was singing and so I tried not to squeeze to hard, and then I whispered in his ear “Thank you!” then I looked back and there was a huge smile on his face he suddenly grabbed my hand, squeezed it tight and pulled me over to the chair and put the flower crown on my head. We got home and I realized that I didn’t get an autograph, so I was a bit bumped but I was okay with it. It was super late when we got home then suddenly I heard my phone go off I looked at it and it was a text I. I looked at who it was and I nearly passed out my mom looked over in a panic and asked “Kryta are you okay?” “Mom” I reply “Justin Bieber just text me!”

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