Shooting Star ~ Liam Payne ~

A dare. A simple dare to wish for something that could change so much. If you were dared to wish on the next shooting star, would you go through with it? Would you be so brave enough to wish that One Direction never happened?


3. Second Wish

I think I'm going to try to keep a good amount of the story in third person...





As Louise walked through her front door, her mother came up to her. "Louise! Why aren't you at work? You'll be late in ten minutes." 


Louise tilted her head, she actually worked somewhere other than the Walmart? She looked at her mother and sighed, "I forgot, and I need a ride..."


"Don't be silly, drive yourself over there." Louise mentally rolled her eyes, there was one problem with that. She had no idea where she worked at the moment, "Can you drive me? It'd be a really nice way to spend time together."


Heather frowned, she wasn't used to her daughter wanting to hang out with her. But now that Louise mentioned it, she couldn't pass up the idea. It wasn't every day that her daughter wanted to have a ride from her, so why pass it up when she finally asks? "Of course, let's go."




Louise tied the apron around her waist and sighed, 'Of all the places Louise, you chose a restaurant?' The idea of actually being a waitress was never appealing to her, she didn't like the thought of just repeating her words over and over again. "Louise! Table number 6!"


Louise turned around and walked out into the dining area with a pen and pad in her hand. She walked over to the table that appeared to be Table 6, but for all she knew she could be counting the tables wrong. "Hi, I'm Louise and I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with something to drink?" The words rolled off her tongue easily as she had heard people say them so many times.


"Oh, nerd girl is our waitress! Finally closed your books?" Louise looked up to see three boys sitting at the table. They didn't look the tiniest bit familiar, but apparently she was familiar to them. 


"Can I get you something to drink?" She repeated, not up to fighting these delinquent-looking boys.


"Yeah, how about some of your -" Louise cleared her throat, she had a feeling what the black haired boy was going to say, "Something that is written on the drink menu, sir."


The two other boys snickered, "Fine. We'll have three cokes."


Louise smiled the best she could at the three of them and walked away. She had never been a sensitive girl, but she wasn't used to being treated the way these people were treating her. Were these people from her college? Is that why they were doing this to her? Were they in her classes and they just happened to notice that she was a bit smarter than them?




Next door to the restaurant Louise was currently working in, a boy sat in a coffee shop with headphones in his ears and a cup of tea in his hand. Once Liam had put his stuff in his room, he went straight outside and looked around his new surroundings.


As Liam got up to leave, he spotted a girl with her head looking down. He was startled at first by the shaking of her shoulders, but after he actually heard the quiet sobs coming from her mouth, Liam began to get worried. He walked up to the brunette and crouched in front of her, "Hey, are you alright?"


The girl - who also went by the name Louise - looked up, completely shocked. She stared at him for a couple seconds before crying even harder. "Don't cry!" Liam was getting anxious, did he scare her? "I'll make you a deal, if you stop crying.. I'll.. I'll take you to the carnival, eh? I heard there's one right at the end of the boardwalk."


Louise sniffed, she ruined this boy's life and he didn't even know it. As he stood to his feet, Liam offered the girl his hand, "Come on, let's go to the carnival."


She hesitantly took hold of his hand and stood up, "Sorry, about dragging you into my little break-down session. You don't have to take me anywhere it's fine."


Liam refused to let go of the girl's hand, "No, I'd really like to take you. It'll get your mind off of whatever was bothering you, love."


Louise looked down at their hands as Liam intertwined their fingers, was he this sweet when he was famous too? He probably wouldn't have offered to take a fan to the carnival though. Liam started walking with a flustered Louise by his side, "I'm Liam Payne by the way."


"I know..." As the words left her lips, her eyes widened. She wasn't supposed to say that, he'd think she was crazy.


"I mean.. I saw your X Factor audition on the internet a while back..." Louise quickly said, and she wasn't lying. She did watch his audition, but it wasn't a while back. 


Liam looked at her, "You saw that? I didn't think anyone really watched the auditions.."


"Um, yeah, I was at the library. If it helps at all, you deserved to be in the finals. At least, it was my opinion." Louise stated, trying to lighten the mood. 


Liam smiled at what she said, not many people had said that they thought that. All they ever told him was that he probably wasn't ready, and hearing someone say that he deserved it made him feel content with himself for once. "Thanks uh-"


"Louise, my name's Louise Jennings." 




This chapter sucked... UGH.


Thanks for reading, cupcakes.. I really need to make a nickname for my readers...


- Melody xx

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