Shooting Star ~ Liam Payne ~

A dare. A simple dare to wish for something that could change so much. If you were dared to wish on the next shooting star, would you go through with it? Would you be so brave enough to wish that One Direction never happened?


1. Prologue

Before I go on, tell me something. There is no right or wrong answer, in fact there isn't an answer at all. If someone dared you to wish that One Direction didn't exist, what would be your response? Would you be brave enough to do it? Or would you chicken out?


A simple wish can change so much, whether you notice or not, it changes something somewhere in the universe we live in. Whether it's the simple misplacement of an item, the name of a person, or the death of someone, you might never know. 




Louise Jennings woke up just like every other day, her small cat was licking the palm of her hand and her mother was calling her down to breakfast. As Louise got up from her bed, she felt like something was off. Maybe it was because her alarm wasn't working this morning, that must have been it.


"Good morning, Sassy." The kitten didn't respond like it did normally, instead it stared at Louise curiously as if she had her name wrong. Things were definitely off today, some of Lou's things were out of place, and her dolls weren't in their normal place. In fact, she didn't see her dolls anywhere. 


As she made her way downstairs, her sister passed her by. 'Well, that's strange. I could have sworn she went to bed in a Harry Styles T-shirt.' Sassy leaped down the stairs quickly and followed Louise to the kitchen where her mother was serving breakfast. Her mother looked normal, she was in her typical clothing. She wore a business-looking outfit and her purse was lying on the counter like every other morning. 


"Louise, do me a favor sweetie, feed CeCe." Heather, Lou's mom, said in a cheerful voice. 


"CeCe? Mom, you mean Sassy, right?" Heather looked at Louise in confusion, did she really not remember the cat's name? "No, CeCe, your cat."


CeCe? That's not the name she gave her, she named her Sassy after Louis Tomlinson. Surely, her mother was just suffering from morning amnesia or something. CeCe, who names their cat CeCe? Sassy doesn't even look like a CeCe, she's far too Siamese looking. 


"Sassy, come here." Louise called, but the cat didn't come. She called the kitten again but to no avail, the cat refused to come. "CeCe!" Louise called, instead of the name she thought she gave the cat. This time, the small fur ball came running towards her. 




Louise's POV


Something was off, I strictly remember naming my cat Sassy, not CeCe. They sound similar, so maybe my mom just got confused. Though, that didn't exactly explain my cat's behavior as well. I shook the thought out of my head as I scarfed down my food quickly. This was definitely something to talk to my friends about. 


A rushed upstairs and went straight for my closet, surprisingly, the style seemed different. I don't remember buying any of these shirts, except a few from a couple years ago. Shrugging,I grabbed a pair of jeans, a floral shirt and a pair of leather boots. I turned back to face my room and nearly choked. Now things were definitely wrong. My room was a light shade of blue rather than the dark orange I had painted it last Summer, the posters that were once One Direction posters were now pictures of NYC and Broadway instead. 


I changed quickly and prepped myself for the day ahead. This was going to be one hell of a confusing day if anybody else wanted to mess with my brain. 


"Jay!" I ran across my workplace quickly as I spotted one of my best friends. She turned and looked at me suspiciously. A boy was standing by her, and arm around her waist.


"Louise?" I smiled at the boy and he awkwardly smiled back. Jay cleared her throat before smiling at me, "Hi, um, not to be rude but, what do you want? I don't really talk to... geeks."


Ouch, that hurt. What was she even talking about? I know I'm a smart girl, but no one ever called me a nerd or geek for it. "Very funny Jay, now listen. My mom is so weird, she started calling my cat CeCe. My cat's name is Sassy, you and I decided to name her after Louis remember? And then, don't even get me started on my One Direction posters."


"One Direction? Louise, for a smart girl, you really are strange. I have no idea what you're talking about. Who's One Direction, and who the fuck is Louis and Sassy?" I rolled my eyes at her, but the look in her eyes told me she wasn't joking.


"Jay, you can't be serious. One Direction, the biggest band on the planet. You know: Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall?" She pondered for a second before shaking her head, "Doesn't ring a bell. Besides, biggest band on the planet? You're talking shit right now, I never took you as an over-exaggerator. Now if you excuse me, my boyfriend and I are doing furniture shopping."


Furniture shopping? Boyfriend? 


What the hell is going on?




I'm going to be completely honest. This first chapter SUCKED. Like REALLY bad.


Give me feedback and read my other Movellas? Please and thank you!


- Melody xx

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