The Monster Within ~A Bleach Fanfic~

Miko Uruhara is a Soul Reaper, she is sibling and student to the great Kisuke Uruhara but, his methods of training left her with a dark secret. Well it's a secret until their youngest brother Kouichi dies in a failed mission, driving a distraught Miko into giving herself over to her Hollow side that was created during one of her training sessions. Then she went on a rampage killing the people who were on the mission with her brother and anyone who got in her way, when she finally finished killing them all she went after their squads and that's when she met Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki. They brought her back into the light.


1. Prologue: Miko Uruhara

(A/N) The girl in the picture is Miko Uruhara XD
(This chapter isn't really important so if you get bored of reading it just skip to the next chapter)

My name's Miko Uruhara, I'm the second lieutenant of squad ten and I have four best friends in the Soul Society.
I know that doesn't sound like many but I'm happy that I've even got them because of what I did...
Anyways, their names are Renji Abarai, Rukia Kuchiki, Toushiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori, but Renji and Rukia were always my bestest friends, but then Rukia went to the human world and left me and Renji behind.
Over time know matter how annoying Renji could be he's always there when I need him, I guess kinda like a brother, well he's a better brother than Kisuke anyway, but that's not saying much, when our younger brother, Kouichi, was reported dead he stopped being a Soul Reaper and moved to the human world leaving me behind to ransack the Soul Society, which of course, I did.
I wiped out a quarter of the place, like my brother says. "When you dodge, don't let them cut you, when you're protecting someone, don't let them die, and when you attack, kill!"
And like he said, I dodged and no-one could cut me, I wasn't really protecting anyone so that didn't work but, when I attacked, I definitely killed.
I was a monster, Rukia and the others used to tell me all the time that it wasn't me, that it was Niko, but then I'd explain that we were the same person, then Renji would bang me on the head and start shouting about the "fact" that we only looked slightly alike and were telepathically linked, but that was where the resemblance stopped.
But I know different, I gave myself over to her that day and for that I can never forgive myself.
She's my monster within.




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