The Monster Within ~A Bleach Fanfic~

Miko Uruhara is a Soul Reaper, she is sibling and student to the great Kisuke Uruhara but, his methods of training left her with a dark secret. Well it's a secret until their youngest brother Kouichi dies in a failed mission, driving a distraught Miko into giving herself over to her Hollow side that was created during one of her training sessions. Then she went on a rampage killing the people who were on the mission with her brother and anyone who got in her way, when she finally finished killing them all she went after their squads and that's when she met Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki. They brought her back into the light.


2. Old Friend

(A/N) The girl in the picture is Miko's Hollow side, i.e. it's Niko Siruhara.
Hope you enjoy the story, please comment and heart <3

'Hey Rukia! Long time no see!' I called, jumping down from my perch in a tree.
'What are you doing here Uruhara?' She asked coldly, eyeing me suspiciously.
'Well I was in town and thought I'd drop in, check on my old friend. You know there are some funny rumors going round, whispers, someone even told me the other day that they thought you might of gone rogue.' I smirked at her slyly. 'Of course I kicked his ass for saying it. Kuchiki.' I added, lifting my chin into the air.
'Who the hell's she!' Yelled a boy loudly, he had very orange hair and chocolate coloured eyes.
'I'm Miko Uruhara, it's nice top meet ya Ichigo Kurosaki.' I replied arrogantly, holding out my hand for him too shake.
He took it cautiously. 'How d'you know my name?' He questioned.
'That's for me too know and you too never find out!' I said, tapping the side of my nose mischievously.
'Hey Ichigo, I'm picking up readings of a Hollow, they're coming from the park.' Said Rukia suddenly, looking at her bleeping soul-pager.
'Right.' He answered, getting a toy lion out of his backpack.
'And what're ya gonna do with that? Smack him around the head with it?' I gasped, bursting into a fit of laughter.
The carrot-top didn't answer, all he did was shove his hand into the lion's mouth making it gag. Wait what... A toy lion was gagging.
My jaw dropped as Ichigo took his hand out of it's mouth and raised that same hand to his own mouth, I saw him swallow something, then his human body collapsed on the floor and standing in it's place was… yes Ichigo but, he was now dressed in a Soul Reaper's attire.
I snapped back to myself a few seconds later. 'I'll race ya.' I smirked and started running.
As soon as I got too the park I felt my zanpakto materialise on my back, I unsheathed him and got into a fighting stance.
 At first glance of my zanpakto you'd think that there's only one when he was first taken out of his sheath because, well there was only, but Shiraishi, my zanpakto, liked too make himself into two separate zanpakto.
 I separated the two halves of him and charged, slicing right through the Hollow's head and landing almost perfectly on the other side.
I staggered slightly, leaning on my zanpakto for support.
'That was fast.' Commented Ichigo, who was standing with his arms crossed, just where I had started charging.
'Was that a compliment?' I questioned, I then tried to smile at him but it turned into more of a grimace.
Damn my back hurts, I really shouldn't of done that.
I replaced Shiraishi back into his sheath, determined too stand on my own, of course this was a BIG mistake. I wobbled slightly, my vision starting to go blurry. Well that's not supposed too happen. The next thing I know I'm falling backwards.
An arm reaches out and catches me inches from the ground, I guessed it was Ichigo seeing as there was a bright orange sploge in my line of view.
'Hey! Miko! You ok?' I heard his voice yell faintly before I blacked out.

Ichigo's P.O.V

I leapt forward and caught the new Soul Reaper just before she connected with the ground.
What's wrong with her! She took down that Hollow like it was nothing and then she keels over as if she's just fought a full fledged battle! I thought to myself before shouting. 'Hey! Miko! You ok?' But she didn't answer.
'Rukia what's going on? What's happened to her?' I asked my short friend.
She didn't answer me either. Jeez was everyone just giving me the silent treatment or something? I mean I know Miko had a reason to but what's Rukia's? I sighed irritably.
She undid Miko's robe and was about too pull it off when I stopped her.
'What are you doing?' I hissed loudly.
'I need to see what's wrong with her before help.' She replied simply. 'You can look away if you want.' Added the raven haired girl.
I rolled my eyes as Rukia proceeded on removing her robe, when it was off I sighed in relief, Miko was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a navy blue vest top underneath
'Wow she's pretty.' Sighed Kon beside me.
'Just give me back my body.' I snapped at him.
'Yes sir, mister bossy boots.' I heard him mutter, regurgitating the pill that he was in.
I handed Miko over too Rukia while I got back into my body.
I stood up and looked back at the unconscious Reaper and let out an inaudible gasp.
Rukia had turned her onto her stomach so that she could check her back which had a large gash starting from her left shoulder and ending at her right hip, it looked infected and very sore.
'That needs treating now, c'mon Rukia we need too get her to my dad!' I yelled over my shoulder, I'd already scooped Miko up into my arms and was running full pelt towards my house.
'Dad! Hey dad!' I yelled, when I got home.
'Hello son! How can I- oh.' My dads face turned serious when he saw Miko. 'What happened?' He asked, motioning for me too follow him.
'I don't know! One second I'm talking too her and she's fine the next she's falling backwards unconscious!' I replied loudly.
'Ok, just lay her down here.' Said my dad calmly, indicating too the bed that we keep the over-night patients in.
I laid Miko on her stomach so that my old man could tend too her back.
'Can you get her shirt off while I go and get my things.' He said, leaving the room before I could reply.
I felt my face heat up a little when my fingers touched the small of her back where the top ended.
I can't believe I'm doing this! I thought to myself.
'Well here go's nothing.' I said quietly, I lifted her vest top over her head, careful not to touch her chest.
My stomach jerked sickeningly when I saw her back, the gash down her back, I could now see properly, was definitely infected and was very red.
'Ooh, that looks nasty.' Commented my dad coming back into the room.
'She wouldn't be here if it wasn't!' I snapped at him, a vein popping on my forehead.

'Right. Could you pass me the tweezers, I need to get these old stitches out before I can do anything else.' He said calmly, pointing towards the little trolley thing next too me.
'Here.' I muttered, handing them to him.
He took the tweezers and had barely touched Miko's back when she bolted upright and then sprinted out of the room with a small scream.
'Get her Ichigo, she shouldn't be running when her back's in that condition.' Shouted my father, but I was already one step ahead of him.
'Miko wait up!' I yelled, following her up the stairs.
I felt confusion flood my mind when I saw that she was running towards my room.
Why was she running to my room? Why didn't she just run straight out of the front door?
Then it hit me, something was wrong, well obviously but, it had something to do with the Soul Society, Hollows and that kind of thing and that's why she ran to my room.
Then another question popped into my head. But she's never been here before so how does she know where my bedroom is? I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I almost didn't notice that on entering my room she'd slammed the door shut after her, I tried opening it but she was holding it shut from the other side.
'C'mon Miko, I'm trying to help you here!' I shouted through the door.
'I know you are, that's why you need to stay away from me!' She replied, her voice sounding strangely desperate, this made me want too get to her even more and then she started screaming.
'Miko! What's the matter! Let me in!' I screeched, banging my shoulder against the door so that it would open.
I almost fell in when it opened, the sight that greeted me was quite disturbing, laying in the middle of my room was Miko, who was half naked and her body kept convulsing in agony, while screams of pain racked her throat.
'No! No! Rukia! Renji! Toushiro! Help me!' Screamed the broken girl who used to be Miko.
'Please help me.' She wailed, laying her head on my knees.
I can't remember kneeling down. I thought faintly as I patted her head awkwardly.
'It's ok, you'll be alright.' I said, trying to calm her down but failing.
'No I won't!' She screamed, raising her face to me, her eyes were full of tears that were almost over flowing, her eyes were different, they were gold now but, the bit that was supposed to be white was black instead.
I wanted to back away a little but didn't want to hurt her feelings so I stayed put.
'Aren't you scared of me Ichigo?' She asked, calming down slightly.
I shook my head. 'No.' I wiped a stray tear away from her face, smiling gently.
She looked confused. 'Why aren't you scared of me? Everyone else is.' She finished, looking down at her now whitening hands and arms. 'She's almost here.' Miko whispered, but it didn't sound like Miko, the voice that spoke sounded sad, evil and strangely happy at the same time.
'Who's coming? Miko who's coming!' I said loudly, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her slightly, I jerked my hands away from her bare arms immediately, they were ice cold.
'Miko? Are you ok?' I asked, lifting her chin so that I could see her face.
A very wide, insane looking grin was plastered on a face that was only roughly the same as Miko's, it was chalk white and I now noticed that her hair was the same chalky colour.
'Miko?' I whispered, pulling my hand away from her quickly.
She shook her head. 'Wrong! I'm Niko Siruhara, I'm Miko's Hollow side.' She purred, her voice harsh, the insane grin turning into a huge maddening smile.
'Oh no.' I heard Rukia's voice coming from behind me. 'Niko, let Miko go now!' She growled dangerously.
'Make me!' Sang the part Hollow part human girl, jumping up.
Then she screamed again, it was long agonised scream that filled the whole house.
'Rukia what's going on!' I yelled over Miko/Niko’s screams, I got up and walked towards my Soul Reaper friend.
‘She’s in transition but she’s fighting it!’ She replied, looking worriedly at Miko/Niko.
‘Will she be ok?’ I asked.
‘She was the last time but, she didn’t fight it last time and I had help getting her back.’ Rukia said, staring at Miko sadly.
'Let me out! You stupid girl! I'm not going back!' Screeched Niko savagely.
'It's my body! So get out! Go back to where you came from!' Retorted Miko loudly and just as savagely.
 'Shut up both of you!' Shouted Rukia, a vein popping in her forehead.
Miko's head snapped up and suddenly both sides of Miko were visible and they both looked confused at Rukia's little outburst.
'I'm sorry what did you just say?' Hissed Niko dangerously, making Miko and Rukia gasp in surprise.
'How the frickin' hell are you doing that?' Growled Miko furiously.
'I honestly have know idea.' Replied her other side, looking as confused as the rest of us felt and also slightly amused.
'Well go back to where-ever you came from.' Snarled Rukia, taking a step towards them, they both flinched slightly at her words but otherwise you wouldn't of known that they'd heard her.
'Like I said before. Make me.' Hissed Niko, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at the wall behind my desk.
'Fine. I will, but remember you brought this on yourself.' Said Rukia, walking towards them.
Both Miko and Niko jumped up and Niko got into a fighting stance, readying herself for anything that Rukia might throw at her.  She walked towards Niko and pushed her, not to harm her but just to make her touch Miko.
They both fell to the floor screaming and holding their heads as if they were going to explode and then there was only Miko again, who was laying on the floor gasping for air like a beached whale.
'You ok?' Asked Rukia gently, kneeling down beside her friend and putting her hand on the injured girl's shoulder.
She nodded shakily and then started to retch up blood, the wound on her back also opened up again.
'Ichigo! Don't just stand there! Go and get your dad!' Rukia yelled, trying to stop the blood from gushing to quickly out of Miko's back with one of my shirts.
'Right.' I called over my shoulder, running out of the room, looking for my dad.
I ran into Karin on the stairs. 'Hey Karin, do you know where dad's run off to?' I questioned urgently.
'He's in his clinic, where he always is.' Sighed my sister.
'Right, thanks!' I said running off towards the clinic.
I burst through the doors, startling my dad. 'Dad! Miko's in my room and she's coughing up blood!' I yelled at him.
'What!' He screamed, getting up and racing out of the room, me hot on his heels.
 We burst into my room and Rukia had got Miko to lay on her stomach, the gash on her back still bleeding freely.
The raven haired girl looked up at me and mouthed a single word. 'Hollow.' That must of been how Miko had got hurt.
'Ichigo! Take Miko downstairs and try not to touch her stomach, some of her ribs are broken, if you move any of them then she might die.' Dad said rushing back down to his clinic, probably to set up.
'What're we gonna do, how are we gonna explain this?' I thought out loud.
'I'm gonna call Captain Hitsugaya, he's the captain of Miko's squad so he'll be the most likely to help, I'll ask if he could send Lieutenant Kotetsu to heal Miko and take her back to the Soul Society.' Rukia explained, getting her soul pager out of her pocket.
'In the mean time, take her downstairs to the clinic so that your dad can treat her until the Lieutenant gets here.' She ordered, turning away from me.


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