1D vs. Cody Book 1 in the series: A storm is brewing

1D Vs. Cody Book one In The Series: A Storm Is Brewing!
(onley if you want a series!)

This story is about stuff that i am writing about.
If you want to know more stuff that i am wroting
about in this book, other than the fact that its stuff
that im writing about in the book, READ IT!!!!!!!!


1. What the perpose of the story realy is.

One day, I decided to write a story, so I was listining to the radio with my BFFs, and I heard a song on by Cody Simpson, we all sceamed and hit the raidio with a baseball bat (sorry mom), And one of them  put on 1D on her I-pod. There was my insparation. The description was useless, so chapter 1 told you what the story is realy about! (once again Mom, i will buy you a new Radio, once this book is over). Enjoy the funny parts, and eat a sandwich. I like sandwiches. (p.s readers. This is a Short chapter if you havent noticed, sorry, but just, uh, ya, deal with it!)

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