1D vs. Cody Book 1 in the series: A storm is brewing

1D Vs. Cody Book one In The Series: A Storm Is Brewing!
(onley if you want a series!)

This story is about stuff that i am writing about.
If you want to know more stuff that i am wroting
about in this book, other than the fact that its stuff
that im writing about in the book, READ IT!!!!!!!!


3. Spy Time!

So basically, we got to the concert 25 minutes early, because it was just around the corner, So we used our backstage pass's to get, well, backstage. Once we got back there, the earplugs went in IMMEDIATELY!! Cause guess what, he was practicing, not dancing, (which is equally horrifying), not talking, not, well now I'm trying to think stuff up, so I'll just tell you. He was SINGING!!!! Even through the strongest ear plugs, we heard it, so Erin went up to him, asked for an autograph, And told him not to spoil his voice before the concert, luckily, he agreed. We went to a table that said 'Cody Simpsons, Don't Touch' so being the people we are, we went into a  Bag (That looked Ridiculously like Kathy's moms purse....) And got the Secret out. But we weren't done yet. We cut an important looking wire connected to the lights, broke a speaker and put 1D background music in it instead of Cody music, and last, but certainly not least, we swaped his stage clothes, with Dress's. And then (just as the music started(perfect timing)), we escaped in da limo. Just as we rolled into the parking lot, the camra-men started filming. We got to the headquarters and watched the best show of the year. We called it, 'Big Cody Fail!'. The press called it... We'll... 'Big Cody FAIL!!!' So basically the same thing.

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