1D vs. Cody Book 1 in the series: A storm is brewing

1D Vs. Cody Book one In The Series: A Storm Is Brewing!
(onley if you want a series!)

This story is about stuff that i am writing about.
If you want to know more stuff that i am wroting
about in this book, other than the fact that its stuff
that im writing about in the book, READ IT!!!!!!!!


4. Say What?


1. Get the secret ✔

2.Ruin the show's sound system ✔

3. Watch him make a fool of himself in-front of the whole world ✔

4. See him in our dress's we  'accidentally' left behind ✔

5. Figure out the secret ____

That's basically where we are. So Zayn (because he was basically usless so far) opened the jar. We all waited for the worst,  but it didn't happen. So he unrolled the scroll, and read, "hypnotize all the world, have some desperate band to steal this parchment, and have the slow working knock-out  gass knock them out, and come get them, and have a war between fans, and rule the world!" And he fainted. So we all ran for the H.Q of the D1 Agents. (1D backwards (duh)). We locked the door, and passed out. In my Dream, I was checking off 5. Figure out the secret✔.

Then, I heard Cody Cry, nooooo, no, no, no, no, noooooo! And running with a body, the body of Zayn. (Sorry, Zayn,(Like you'll read this,) but I didn't know what else to do with you). We woke up and went to the airport, ✈ and listened to music♪♪ Eating soup♨ j.k, tacos! My favourite! (and my friend just told me that they are also Harry's fav., but that's not inportant), and went to were Cody child have NEVER chosen as a hide-out place. Gemany. Where, like, in this story, all my relatives live. Big mistake Bro. Big mistake.

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