1D vs. Cody Book 1 in the series: A storm is brewing

1D Vs. Cody Book one In The Series: A Storm Is Brewing!
(onley if you want a series!)

This story is about stuff that i am writing about.
If you want to know more stuff that i am wroting
about in this book, other than the fact that its stuff
that im writing about in the book, READ IT!!!!!!!!


5. In Germany, Berlin

So, just as we land, I'm showing Erin and Kathy a pic on my I-pod, and I know your dying to see it, so here it is!

Awesome right! I will make a book later of funny pictures, but for now, this is the story! The agents and 1D bust into the hide-out entirely forgetting who there dealing with,  and knock out all the guards, and Erin  gives a punch to Cody's head, and knocks him unconcious, 

(Argument, G=me F= friend

F-*its spelled wrong!*

G-*Its my book, so, ya!*

F-*Fine, c u later!*

G-*K.k, bye!*

F-*Wait, r u writing this?*

G-*Ya, why?*

F-*never-mind. to much deleting.*

G-*I know right! bye!*


-*they hang up and we get back to the story*)

Anyways, they end the war and save the day!

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