A Long Distance Love Story

This story is about a girl called Amelia and a boy called Drew.
They fell in love in September 2012 and have been friends since August 20th 2013 when everything changed at 01:33 am Amelia's time :)


6. Together In Roleplay And Real Life..

Amelia loves Drew completely he's her everything, she can't imagine life without him but.. she wants to know hers and his relationship will work she wants to be able to meet him and spend time with him for at least 4 days before she goes back into school again.

She wants him to be there to watch her achieve all the things she wants and she wants him to be there for her end of school Prom in 2015 but she knows it might not work.

He wants to take care of her but he can't be there with her to hold her when she cries, or to be there when she smiles or even hold her hand when she's ill or let her use him as a pillow when she can't sleep. It breaks his heart but it breaks hers to. They are in love his happiness is hers and her happiness is his and thats the best kind of love they could ever have she hopes they will be together for along time she wants him to be the reason she walks on the earth still. She doesn't want to be without him he's the love of her life and she doesn't want to be crushed and hurt because the only person that can hurt her now is him....

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