A Long Distance Love Story

This story is about a girl called Amelia and a boy called Drew.
They fell in love in September 2012 and have been friends since August 20th 2013 when everything changed at 01:33 am Amelia's time :)


5. The Surprise

Amelia had been online every day from the 11th - 20th of August. She'd been waiting for one person Drew.

He came online on the 20th and started talking to her friend Charlotte asking her would it be the right time. At this time it was 12 am in the UK and Amelia had Charlotte sleeping over at her house they stayed up for ages to try and see if he'd be online but Amelia got tired and started drifting off at 1 am Charlotte woke Amelia up telling her Drew was online.

Amelia jumped up and looked at her phone and messaged Drew saying hi he was surprised to see her awake they sat talking for 30 minutes.


at 1:30 am she asked Drew to fly over from America and come be her pillow so she could go to sleep as she was tired and had a feeling she wasn't going to be getting much sleep.he said to her, No because i want you to stay awake a little longer. by this time it was 1:31 am.

Amelia's fried Charlotte was getting excited she knew what was about to happen but she scared Amelia, she thought Drew was going to leave her again as she didn't think he wanted her anymore, she was panicking she didn't want him to go she wanted him to stay with her.


At 1:33 am Drew messaged her and asked her would she be his girlfriend in real life, she nearly cried with happiness she said yes and it's now the 21st of August and their happily in a relationship but how is it going to work? She still doesn't know.

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