A Long Distance Love Story

This story is about a girl called Amelia and a boy called Drew.
They fell in love in September 2012 and have been friends since August 20th 2013 when everything changed at 01:33 am Amelia's time :)


1. The Day They First Met.

Amelia, sat at home at her computer thinking about what she could do to pass the time she had nothing to do so she made a Roleplay Facebook account.


She added her next door neighbor on her account called Charlotte. She added a guy called Drew which got Amelia thinking should i add him? Most girls would have thought no because i don't know him but she didn't so she added him with in two hours they were in a relationship but this was only on roleplay so she didnt think anything would come out of it in real life she passed the time talking to him on odd occations.


Amelia grew feelings for him which were growing mutual and it got harder to stop loving each other. They had alot of break ups but by this time they knew alot about each other but only what they wanted each other to know that were finding things they wanted to say to each other quite hard as they were in love... or so they thought anyway....



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