Gone in you

"You woke up in a White bed. No, a familiar White bed. Because you remembered it from last night. You remembered that you where out with your friends. Out with them because you needed to, needed to get over your ex. Carl. Oh god how you hated him. The only Picture you had in your head of him right now was him kissing that bitch from English class. That bitch you had been friends with. That bitch you had been bestfriends with. "


2. Remember

You turned around and looked Down on you feets. "well, you at least gotta give me your number?"Niall looked at you.  You said nothing. You know why you where so weird and couln't say anything to Niall. You where Falling in love. With him, Niall Horan. You couldn't be!

You anwsered him with your head Down "Sure" You toke a pen and wrote your number. Your hand where shaking and the numbers where weird looking. You took the paper and throwed it into the rubbish "Now you don't have to do that" you said trynna sound cool. "wha-" Niall started but saw what you where doing "c'mon babe?" Niall runned infront of you "yesterday you where so .. so" "drunk?" you finished his sentence "no, no i wouldn't say drunk". You walked to the door "But i was" Niall stood confused behind you. "Call me" you whispered so you where sure Niall wouldn't hear how desperate you where.


And now how the fuck where you gonna get home? You looked in your purse for your phone. 10 messages? and all of  course from Morgan!

"Omg was that Niall Horan grapping your butt last night?"

"Where are you?"

"You slut! you slept at Nialls didnt ya?"
"Answer me!"

And the rest was just apologies for calling you a slut. You called her. "you gotta tell me everything!!" Morgan shouted in the phone "I will, I will!" you giggled "But first you gotta pick me up, i don't even know where i am"


You found the street name and Morgan was there in five minuts. She was your closets friend and yoy could talk to her about anything! But this time.. you actually just wanted to get home and get some Things right. Actually you just wanted to remember Things. Expacially Things you and Niall did.

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