always in my heart

Hi my name is Catherine Smith, a few years ago when I was 14 I went to live with an Irish family. because my parents always wanted me to learn all that culture and to study in Ireland , but i never imagined , I would end up living with the family of my idol ....


5. When summer ends

Summer is passing too fast, I had fun with my family, but now, sol, is already in New York, charoline is already in dallas, and  on Saturday i'm going to ireland

the next day, my suitcase was ready,

-are you ready ?
-yes mom, I'm ready
-let's go to the airport

10 minutes later, we arrived at the airport

-well, it's time to say goodbye , i said
-yes, take care and call us soon, my dad said
-bye mom , i said
-bye honey , my mom said
-bye ariel

A few hours later

was a long journey, I collected my suitcases, i check the papers that i've got since two weeks ago , here says that I will be with family horan
I left the airport and take a taxi,the address of the family horan, was in the papers

i arrived a house, very beautiful, with a big garden,mrs.horan opened the door

I could not believe what I was seeing,niall horan's mother, opened the door

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