always in my heart

Hi my name is Catherine Smith, a few years ago when I was 14 I went to live with an Irish family. because my parents always wanted me to learn all that culture and to study in Ireland , but i never imagined , I would end up living with the family of my idol ....


3. Friday

~ Hello girls, my mom said yes ! I can go to the party! ;) ~
~ That's great, mine also said yes! , Marry. ~
~ My mom too! See you there at 7:30, carla. ~

I left my phone in the Kitchen and went with Ariel, I sat down to watch movies with her. 

After a few hours my mother arrived with my grandmother

-Hello girls how are you?
-Hi mom, hi grandma! , Ariel said
- Good, mom, grandma hello, I said
- Grandma is here? Hi Grandma! Chars said, coming down the stairs

 I climbed the stairs, into my room, take a shower, I dressed in a blue bikini, shorts and a blouse, and white shirt with colored buttons, and a white converce, i grabbed my phone .

I'm ready, let's go , grandma
-Bye everybody, grandma said
-Kate! sol will be at the party , and bring you back
-yep mom bye

My sister kate, she was gone to her party on the beach with Grandma.
I was getting ready for the party at my best friend sindy
I put on skinny jeans and hollister sweater gray sweater was quite short, so half of my belly looked, I got a gray toms, and let my hair down and grabbed my i phone

Go down the stairs, I saw richard and sol
-charoline , are you ready ?
-yep , bye mom.
-Bye guys


We arrived at the beach at 7:00 pm

-Here is a grandmother goodbye
-Bye love

-Marry !I screamed as i ran
-Hi kate
- And carla?
She's in the house

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