At the hospital

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1. and im like this !!

At the hospital

!not corrected!


I´m lying in the hospital bed, bored as always. Suddenly my mom steps through the door with a giant smile on her face.

Me: Hi mom!
Mom: Hello sweetheart

Me: So what happened?

Mom: I´ve got a surprise for you

Me: what is it!?!

She walked out the door again. I was confused! What was the surprise? Why di-, before I could finish my thoughts 5 guys walked in to “my” room (well it isn’t my room since i´m in the hospital) so those boys walked in but it wasn’t just some random guys it was the boys from One Direction! I almost smiled my face of when I remembered what I was wearing and what I looked like, my smile disappeared as fast as if came. Liam noticed it as the first one

Liam: what´s wrong?

Me: long story … I don’t want to waste your time

Harry: we´ve got time.

Niall: yeah! We actually sat the day of to you!

Me: oh uhm okay *sobbing a bit*

It´s just that i´ve been waited for this for like 3 years and now when it´s finally happening I look like this and I´m in the hospital!

I´m totally ruining this!

Sobbing* okay let´s start over again!
Hi I´m (Y/N)

Hi (Y/N) I´m Louis!

I´m Zayn J.

I´m Liam.

I´m Niall

And I´m Harold!

Everyone looked confused at harry but I couldn’t help it but laugh! I laughed so much that I started to cramp I could feel every muscle in my body just were about to explode I could hear all the boys talking yell for help and I could feel a hand on my head. I wanted it to stay it made me relax a bit, but not enough.

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