Heavenly Hell

When Corey wakes up in a strange room, she knows something is up. She soon finds out she is in heaven, where shes not meant to be - since she didn't die yet! When the Mighty One finds out, she realizes they got the wrong Corey Millard, and so they decide to send Corey down back to Earth so the girls can swap places.


6. Chapter 6

I went to school on the bus again today, wondering what the Master told the Wanderers to do. I stepped off the bus and entered the school building, and started looking for Corey. When I saw her, she was at her locker standing alone. I quickly walked to her, seizing my chance. 

"Hey I don't know why you ignored me but I have to tell you something. I am trying to be a friend. And trust me, you need me!" I said as serious as I can. I hoped and pleaded that she believed me. "I need to talk to you somewhere privately. I'll meet you at the mall and don't bring anyone with you. If you don't show up, You will be in great danger." And with that, I walked away. I could hear her laugh and I knew I screwed things up completely. 

I kept making eye contact with Corey throughout the day, and glaring at her when she looked away. I tried to appear tough and threatening, but with the pink frilly top I was wearing, she probably couldn't take me seriously. I mean, why do they have to pick such frilly clothes anyway! Everything I own is either pink or glittery as if I am some fourth grader. 

After school I gave Diane a call with the cell phone she gave me. 

"Hey, Diane I am going to the mall and will be back by dinner time okay?"

"Okay honey but if you're not back by six I will think you got eaten by a bunch of monsters so don't scare me okay?" she chuckled. A chill ran down my spine as I awkwardly laughed at her joke. Was it a coincidence? It must have been. I mean, it is quite possible I could get eaten by a bunch of monsters tonight for all I know. 

I sat down in the food court and saw a girl wearing a hoody approach me. "Make it quick" she said. It was Corey. 

"Have you noticed a bunch of guys staring at you at school? Including Matt?"

"Yeah, those creeps probably are in love with me just like everyone else!" she said with her signature hair flick. 

I rolled my eyes and said. You were at basketball practice a few nights ago when your car crashed and you survived right?"

"How do you know..." she asked a bit freaked out. 

"Well apparently they made a mistake in heaven and took me instead." she looked at me and laughed. I took her to the bathroom and made sure nobody was there. I pressed on my neck and my wings popped out. I started to fly. I was a little scared I might screw up since I wasn't really experienced but I didn't fall or mess up so it didn't look fake.

"What do you want from me..." Corey whispered her face turned chalk white like the marble walls in heaven. 

"I want my life back, so I need you to come with me to go to heaven."

"No way, I would love to but I can't I have things I need to achieve!" she exclaimed.

"Well it's not very fair for me is it?" 

"No." she didn't hesitate at all. I guess she is a bitch after all. 

"Well, if you don't come with me, that shady group of guys that always stalk you will follow you and take you to hell. So you only have two choices. Come with me to heaven or go to hell."

She looked at me and started to cry. I felt sorry for her. I mean, even if she was really mean, she got to escape death and now she has to leave her life before achieving anything because a motorcycle driver was stupid. 

"Fine I think I have a plan. But you have to do every step precisely as I say."

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