Heavenly Hell

When Corey wakes up in a strange room, she knows something is up. She soon finds out she is in heaven, where shes not meant to be - since she didn't die yet! When the Mighty One finds out, she realizes they got the wrong Corey Millard, and so they decide to send Corey down back to Earth so the girls can swap places.


3. Chapter 3

I wake up quickly from the weird dream. I get up from the bed, still eyes closed, while rubbing my eyes. When my bare feet touch the cold marble ground my eyes shoot open. They bright white light bouncing off walls hit me like lightning hits a tree. I was so sure that the whole heaven thing was a dream but I couldn't believe it was actually true. I was about to cry. What if I can't go back? What if I lost my life before I could do anything I ever wanted to achieve? I noticed a plate with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. I quickly gulped it down and looked at the shiny doorknob. 

I reluctantly dragged my feet across the shiny floor, and opened the door. I took the route I took yesterday with Julian, and stopped in front of the Mighty One's room. I lightly knocked on the giant door, and the door swung open. 

"Well well looks like you finally woke up. Now in about 20 minutes in Earth time, you will have to have changed, put on your gear, and have your wings activated." she handed me a clock that had two different times on it, I assumed one of them was for Earth time and the other was heaven time. But then my mind flashed back to the work 'wings'.

"Wings?" I said for the hundredth time in two days, confusion took over my face. 

"Yes your wings need to be activated so you will learn how to use them. t exactly 11:20 you have to be hear ready to go." I then got dismissed. I saw Julian outside and asked him about the wings. He told me to press on a specific part of my neck and out popped two big wings. I attempted to move them, but because I did it so hard, I was thrown back to the ground. I was awestruck. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I got up, and quickly thanked Julian. He then led me to my room. When I saw the golden plaque that had my name on it, the truth finally sunk in. When I closed the door behind me, I let all my tears out. I was scared, worried, and confused. After about 3 minutes, I finally stopped crying, and noticed a manual on the bed. It only had six words in it though: say what you want out loud. I wondered what that meant. I realized I was wearing the white gown and said: change outfit. I looked down at myself and realized my outfit changed. I said: mirror. I finally took the first look at myself. I was very pale, my black curly hair was messy, and my blue eyes looked scary because of all the red puffiness around it. 

I said, "fix hair." and my hair was neatly brushed. I looked at my watch and I realized I had ten more minutes. I got out my gadget and started playing around with it. It was a GPS, but at the same time it showed where my location was to the Mighty One. I got a bit mad about that, but decided to just ignore it. 

46 minutes later. 

I hop onto this teleporting machine and close my eyes. I think, "I am going to get adopted in a city in Oregon, and I'm going to a new school." 

A few seconds later, I felt like I was going to vomit. I was finally back on Earth, but it didn't feel so great. I walked down a closed alley and onto a mainstreet, and saw a couple looking at me.

"Corey?" they asked. 

"Yes that would be me." I said a little hesitant. 

"Oh she's so beautiful isn't she Richard?" the lady said. 

"Surely, Diane!"

Are you kidding me? I'm living with people like this? I followed them to a little humble car, and sat in the backseat. They tried to talk to me, but I mainly just nodded or shook my head. I slowly dozed off. 

I woke up 10 minutes later and walked into a small house.

"I hope you like it, as you can see were not exactly the richest but we like it this way." Diane said. 

"Oh it's nice." I said, monotone. I tried to smile, and they bought it. They led me to my room, which was painted a puke shade of orange and had no closet. I found a little suitcase with my name on it. I opened it and found a letter. 

These are some clothes we got for you. They are supposedly trendy among people your age. Finish your mission as soon as possible. 

Good Luck.


I looked through the things and found a pair of sweatpants and a comfortable looking shirt. I changed and went downstairs. Diane and Rich (ironically that's what his nickname was) told me about the rules of the house. No smoking, no drugs, no parties. The usual. They said I'm starting school in two days, and I will get to spend the day with them tomorrow. 


The next day, we went to this festival that I used to go to with my parents every year. Except with Diane, you can only ride the slow rides because she gets scared. Also, Rich is allergic to corn dogs so I couldn't buy any. So my day was pretty much ruined. 


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