Heavenly Hell

When Corey wakes up in a strange room, she knows something is up. She soon finds out she is in heaven, where shes not meant to be - since she didn't die yet! When the Mighty One finds out, she realizes they got the wrong Corey Millard, and so they decide to send Corey down back to Earth so the girls can swap places.


2. Chapter 2

“So here’s what you’ve got to do,” said the Mighty One. “We will give you a Searcher’s license. This will allow you to roam around the Earth. You have to find the real Corey Millard and bring here as soon as possible.”

“Where’s the catch?” I asked, expecting the worst.

“You have to be careful of the Hell’s Wanderers. They are dead humans who went to hell. If they capture you, they will torture you. They are sent by the hell king to capture wandering souls, and they can easily hurt you. A searcher like you is usually sent to get the souls off of the earth as fast as they can, before the Wanderers get to them.”

“Oh no…so this is my only option?” I asked, blinking away tears.

“I’m very sorry. Good luck.” With a flick of her hand, the door opened, and I was expected to leave the room.

“Wait, one more thing!” I quickly remember. “How do I contact you?”

“Ah yes. Well, since you are dead now, you have super speed, and you can also contact anyone who is already dead through your mind.”

I couldn't help but think 'Oh wow that's so cool!'

I was then dismissed quickly back to 'my room' and Julian walked me back. 

"So Julian, is this what every person's room looks like?" I ask as I turn the door knob to my room. 

"Well, no. This room is just a place where you would normally stay until you wake up, and then you meet me and I escort you to the Grand Gardens. It's where everyone stays."

I nodded, waiting for him to continue.

"In the gardens, you live with your previous family. If you have friends, you can easily find them there. If you don't know of any family, you stay in the room and wait for another member f your family to join you." He paused, looked at his wrist, and then said, "I should get going now. So long, and good luck." And with that, he closed the door behind me and the echoing sounds of his footsteps gradually fainted away. 

I waited for about a minute or so, and decided that I should go and explore. I mean, if I'm going back to Earth soon, I might as well see what heaven is like. I quickly snuck out of the room and scurried down the hallway. I put my ear against the door to make sure nobody was there and quickly opened the door and casually walked out. I looked around and noticed a bunch of people talking to each other. They all had pale skin and wore white clothes. I spotted a girl nearby and approached her. 

"Hi um do you know where the gardens are? I'm Corey by the way" I asked, putting on my best smile. 

"Hi Corey. I'm Sam. You just have to walk straight, take a left, then skip a right and go to the next right. You will find a bunch of doors with continents on them; open the door that you want and then search for your country." She said smiling.

Thank you!" I said and quickly walked away. I followed her directions, and stopped at the door that said North America. I then saw a long hallway with many doors with many different states and countries. What's up with this place and hallways anyway? I thought to myself. 

I turned the knob that said 'Oregon' and walked in. I was blinded by all the green that I saw. There were beautiful trees and flowers and everything you would usually see in a nice park but 10 times prettier. I really wanted to meet my grandpa, whom I missed so much. I looked around. And spotted a lady wearing a pink top and jeans. She was sitting alone on a bench, reading a book. 

"Excuse me...um hi I'm Corey. Do you know how to find someone's house?" I asked shyly. 

"Oh you can just look it up on your gadget sweetheart." 

"What gadget?" I asked, a bit confused. 

"Why, the one in your pocket of course!" she said with a chuckle.

I looked down at the gown I was wearing, and noticed two pockets on either side of me. I reached down in both pockets and fished out a little computer/phone thing from the left pocket. 

"Just chose the country and state of death and look up the name of the person you want to live with." The lady said. 

I quickly did as she said. I eventually found my grandpa's house. 

"OK so now just follow the map in your head and you will eventually reach your destination." She paused and looked at my expression. She chuckled. "Just think hard of the place you want to be, and a map will pop up. ok?"

"Thank you so much!" I gratefully said. Then, off I went, and eventually found my grandpa. He looked young, and after greeting me, he explained that you get to chose what age you want to be when you are in heaven. I spent a little bit of time with him and then had to go. I quickly went back to my room, and went to sleep. 


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