Heavenly Hell

When Corey wakes up in a strange room, she knows something is up. She soon finds out she is in heaven, where shes not meant to be - since she didn't die yet! When the Mighty One finds out, she realizes they got the wrong Corey Millard, and so they decide to send Corey down back to Earth so the girls can swap places.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to weird feeling in my head. The last thing I remembered was taking a break from mopping the entire gym – my punishment for making fun of the school online. I realized that I was lying in a bed which was weird. It didn’t feel like my bed, and so I started panicking a little from the inside.

My eyes shot open, and my eyes took a few seconds to adjust. I had another mini panic attack when I could only see white. Oh my God! Am I blind? I quickly got up to my feet. My bed was the only piece of furniture in this big room. I pinched myself a few times to make sure I’m not dreaming. It didn’t exactly hurt…but it gave me this weird feeling.

I cautiously walked around the room. I noticed a golden door knob on one of the walls so quickly ran over and turned it. Behind the door was a long, narrow, white hallway. At the end of the hallway, a beaming man stood before me.

“Excuse me but who are you and where the heck am I?” I said.

“Why, you’re in heaven of course!” he exclaimed. I looked closely, and noticed a nametag with the name: Julian on it.


“Well, how did I end up here?”

“It’s not my job to tell you that. I must take you to the Mighty One.”

“Ooh sounds royal!” I said, mocking him. This had to be a joke. In the back of my mind, I was starting to doubt myself. Julian led me through another door that led to another, wider white hallway. There were a few people roaming around, all wearing white clothes, entering the rooms behind the walls. On one of the doors, I saw a golden plaque with my name on it: Corey Millard.

“Why is my name there?” I wondered.

“You are going to be sleeping her, until a friend or family member dies, then you can move in with them to the grand garden.”

We continued on our way to the end of the hall, and then took a right. There was a huge golden door that said: The Mighty One. Julian quickly turned the door knob, and briskly walked across the white marble floor.  

“Your highness, this is Corey.”

A beautiful woman sitting on a golden throne stood before me.

“Oh hello there, Corey. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to heaven.”

“Hi…your highness? How exactly did I end up here?” I said, with a hint of challenge in my voice.

“Your mother was picking you up from basketball practice when a motorcycle crashed through the car frame. You died but your mother survived.”

“But…I don’t go to basketball practice,” I said, a little worried.

“What? Are you sure?” She asked, looking confused. She flicked her hand and a golden folder appeared. My jaw almost dropped to the ground. She flipped through the folder briskly.

“Corey Millard, 14 years old, attending Lincoln East High?” she asked.

“No actually I go to Lincoln West High,” I said.

“Oh my! We got the wrong girl, Julian. There’s only one option. You have to do it Corey!”


“You just have to be really lucky to survive…” she said.

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