Isn't There More

Life in a comunity can be hard when it's underground, when you're paralysed, When you can only see a girl watch you, watching every expression on your face. When her new intern accidently mixes up the chemicals I am able to walk again and am able to show everyone else that there is so much to see if we could only reach it.


2. What Is She Doing?

Jennifer pulled a thermomerter out of my mouth, "Mmmm, thirty six degrees" she said, well I am a human I said to my self. Jennifer wrote something down on a clipboard and then walked out of my room. My room is very plain, a bed, a bedside table, a lamp, and some shelves oposite me with test tubes with liquids in them. Jennifer closed the door behind her but it swung open a crack so I could just see her go into her office and type something into her computer. I looked out the window thinking how lucky those people are to walk and talk and see things that I can't see out of a window. Jennifer walked out of her office and picked up her rucksack witch was leaning against the wall, swung it round her shoulder and walked out the door and once again I was left on my own feeling like there should be more.

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